Sunday, May 11, 2008

Adios from sean-the-man

Since the watershed elections on 8th of March, I've been having endless problems thinking of what to blog about. Yes, the election is over. Yes, the issues and problems continue. And new ones are popping up all the time. But to me, these are not new issues. These issues have existed all along, they are inter-related and in the last couple of years, have been discussed and dissected to death.

My purpose in starting a blog in May 2006 was to help make sure people know all the shit that was going on in this country. It was to make sure that people know there are other sides to a story apart from the viewpoint of the govt, reflected in the mainstream media. I had just become politically aware then (from stumbling upon a few eye-opening blogs while looking for free Malaysian newspapers on the net). And that single experience of the power of blogs made me eager to share that newfound awareness with other folks. Especially those who, like me, were late political bloomers.

Since 8th of March though, I have to say that Malaysians are now much more aware of the issues and the truth. They are much more vested in their political destinies. They are much more willing to take the initiative to look for different viewpoints and different versions of the truth. And judging by the number of blogs that have popped up, they are also more willing to voice their opinion.

I fear I might have outlived my original usefulness. Take the current wave of Ketuanan Melayu for instance. In one form or other, I think I've flogged this dead horse in countless blog posts about Ketuanan Melayu specifically, and NEP or racial discrimination generally. I feel I have nothing new to offer, in terms of insight, nor opinion. How many ways can I say I oppose Ketuanan (Melayu or otherwise), the NEP, racial and religious discrimination? I'm beginning to feel that it's a waste of time to post a counter-arguement every time some bigot opens his big mouth in support of Ketuanan Melayu. Essentially, both the bigot and I are simply rehashing the same old arguments, facts and figures. And I'm tired of repeating myself, and even more tired of hearing bigots repeating themselves on my blog. I know where they stand, they know where I stand, and each of you are now politically and informationally mature enough to know where you stand. Opinion blogging (as opposed to informational blogging) as I see it, is becoming obsolete - especially when it's the same opinions on the same issues, over and over again.

So until I figure out where this blog is headed, I leave you with a list of interesting articles I've read recently. Articles that I really wanted to blog about, but then stopped short when I realised that they were nothing new. More of the same, just said by different people at different times, using different words, under different circumstances.

Until our destinies meet again, or when some new shit somehow hits the fan - this is sean-the-man signing out.

PS. The picture in this post is dedicated to all the supporters of Ketuanan Melayu. KISS MY NON-MALAY ASS!


Ketuanan Melayu - Redefined

Ketuanan Melayu


Anwar hits out at moves to stir Malay sentiment

The fortress - by Malik Imtiaz Sawar

A roundup: No hard and fast rule on supremacy

And finally something good on May 13: May 13, 1969: Truth and reconciliation

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

M'sia still British Colony, says Malay Regiment

The Malay Regiment are very proud of the fact that Malaysia is the 4th country (after Australia, Canada and Jamaica) to be doormen and guard dogs to the Queen of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

However, they forget the fact that the Queen remains the current HEAD OF STATE for Australia, Canada and Jamaica. That's why the Australians, Canadians and Jamaicans were there. In taking up the same CEREMONIAL DUTIES, isn't the Malay Regiment saying the Queen is similarly the Head of State for Malaysia?

See here:

The following is quoted from the Monarch's website on the page entitled 'Commonwealth Realms':

"A Commonwealth realm is a country where The Queen is the Head of State. The Queen is Queen not only of Britain and its dependent territories, but also of the following realms: Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Canada, Grenada, Jamaica, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, St Christopher and Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent and the Grenadines, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu."
And the spin doctors at NST also failed to mention that this trans-continental act of obeisance to the Queen is costing us RM2 million dollars (see related post: From a whore to the queen. UMNO throws money at the British).

Religious authorities to ensure conversions remain farked up

I have only 2 questions today.

1. Should the freedom of religion (the right of an individual to convert to Islam without informing everyone else) be at the expense of the rights of everyone else?

It's all great to say that the individual's right to conversion is paramount, but it still doesn't resolve the issues that the convert's non-Muslim family will experience if the conversion is poorly executed.

2. How come the freedom of religion is one way only?

How come when it's conversion INTO Islam, the freedom of the individual to practise the religion of his/her choice (ie. convert) is paramount.

But then it comes to conversion OUT OF Islam, it's apostasy and no way Jose?

Double standards? Or is your god is better than my god?