Friday, January 12, 2007

iPhone: "You had me at scrolling"

Holy cow, this iPhone is going to be something else.

I don't know, but the holy grail is looking less and less like the Nokia N95 (preview here!), and more and more like the iPhone. I just hope it can play media (music and movies) that is not purchased from Apple iTunes. This, to most OUS (Outside US) customers, will be the deal breaker.

Enjoy all 9 parts of Steve Job's keynote demo at Macworld 2007 introducing the iPhone. The phone is amazing, and it comes with 4GB and 8GB versions.

The multi touch screen is indeed revolutionary. Multi-directional keys, joysticks, arrow keys and styluses are now officially obsolete! Like the phrase that Steve Jobs used: "You had me at scrolling".

1 Intro (iPod + Phone + Internet)

2 User Interface

3 Design

4 THE TOUCH SCREEN! plus Music & Movies

5 Phone

6 SMS & Pictures/Camera

7 Internet (Wi-Fi and EDGE)

8 Safari browser

9 Widgets & Google Maps

I'm not sure if there's a 10th video, but I'll make sure I put it up here if there is.

And here's a link to an excellent pictorial of the demo with pictures of all the key points:


seantang said...

The iPhone's gonna be 4GB-US$499 and 8GB-US$599. That's about S$750 and S$900 respectively.

My K800i was S$800 when it was first launched. The N95 is predicted to be S$1100-1200 at launch. Dopods, Treos and O2s are typically >S$1000 at launch. I think all the traditional phone companies will need to re-strategise their entire pricing propositions for smartphones from now on.

But the catch is the availability of the iPhone:

US 6/2007
Europe 9/2007
Asia 1/2008

So, the traditional phone companies have at least one more lifecycle, perhaps 2 in Asia, before the iPhone sinks every smartphone without a touchscreen, WiFi, Video playback and 4GB of built-in memory. I reckon all the upcoming smartphones in the traditional phone/PDA pipeline are now obsolete before the first ones even leave the factories.

iPhones run the newest Mac OS X, which is essentially no different from what the Mac desktops and laptops are running. That means that there is real potential for the iPhone (probably future ones with more powerful processors - but then we're not told what the current processor is) to control dvd burners, external hdds, flash drives etc. anything that you can do with a normal Mac.

Comparatively, Windows Mobile is so different from XP or XP Tablet that it only has but a fraction of the desktop's capabilities.

I am hoping Nokia will drastically discount the price of the N95 when it's introduced in a month or two, in order to deplete stocks and work on developing the next N-series that's at least comparable to the iPhone.

At least I can get a cheaper N95 while I wait for the iPhone to come to our shores.

Ed Bomke said...

Nice videos. Thanks for sharing.