Friday, January 26, 2007

Swatch "Be Lucky" CNY Collection 2007 - Piggy Snout Ads

Will this advertising campaign for the Swatch "Be Lucky" Chinese New Year Collection 2007 hit Malaysian shores? This ad appeared on the front page of Singaporean newpapers today.

If this watch and advertising campaign launches in Malaysia, do you reckon the PPIM (Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia) will campaign against it, burn effigies of pigs and instigate a boycott of Swatch watches? Are they still boycotting Starbucks? Is it haram to wear a watch with cartoons of pigs on it?

And Swatch comes up with the "Do the Piggy Snout" tag line.

And finally, this is the watch itself. Pretty cute. I don't mind wearing one myself.

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Anonymous said...

jews and muslims will go for other brands.That's for sure.It's just poor marketing strategy.

help_youngentrepreneursclub said...

As a marketer, this is a poor marketing strategy. To me, This ad is not unique at all. They are many ways to do an ad. This is weak.