Sunday, January 14, 2007

An ode to Barbara Weisel

I wish MCA and MIC had a negotiator like Barbara Weisel 50 years ago. She's the US' chief negotiator in the current free trade talks with Malaysia. Commenting on the talks, she said:

"I think there are ways to find resolution to these issues that don't undermine the policies that have been in place for a long time and allow the Malaysian government to open the market."

Very diplomatic so far... but here's where she grabs you by the balls... and twists anti-clockwise.
"However, the Bumi preferences issue needs to be worked out before both sides could come up with a comprehensive agreement - "we're not willing to close the deal and come back to it in five years" she said."

None of that open ended, no time limit rubbish social contracts that the non-Malay members of our country's founding fathers were brow-beaten into accepting, 50 years ago.

And I wish MCA and MIC have someone like her now, when UMNO is getting increasingly greedy. Is she for hire, do you reckon? Maybe the Chinese should conspire to pay only 70% of the Malaysian tax bill, instead of 80% and use that 10% difference to hire her, eh?

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