Friday, December 01, 2006

Chinese footing 80% of the Income Tax bill

According to Lim Kit Siang, quoting Tun M, Malaysian Chinese taxpayers are footing 80% of the nation's taxation. See this article in theStar.

Let me point out one parliamentarian's comment about this:

When met at the lobby later, Mohd Alwi [BN – Ketereh] said he had called up IRB to check and there was no such figure.

“Saying that 80% of the income tax come from the Chinese community will give the Malays the impression that the Chinese are monopolising the wealth in the country,” he said.
So... you're saying the Chinese are NOT monopolising the wealth in this country?

Errr.... did you tell your UMNO cohorts that? So, all those delegates were not telling the truth during the recent UMNO General Assembly - when they said the Chinese controlled the economy? Well, everyone knew they were just making lots of noise to pressure UMNO into allocating more projects to the 2,500 of them. Now, thanks to you, we know they were lying as well.

And by the way, my first thought after reading this was "how come the rich Malays pay so little tax?"

It'll be interesting to disclose how much tax is paid by the 2,500 UMNO delegates, the ministers and top politicians, top civil servants, the Datuk Ks, Rs and other assorted Happy Balls all over the Malaysia.

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