Thursday, December 28, 2006

Taxis turned dens of sin

Just what do university students get up to these days?

Anyway, I doubt Harian Metro's claims are true. Firstly, it is hardly a confidence inspiring broadpage. It more or less publishes our local versions of "Elvis abducted by aliens" stories.

, girls who don't mind going naked and doing the nasty in the presence of taxi drivers are usually porn actresses or girlfriends of taxi drivers, not tertiary students.

, and most compellingly, RM100 will get you a decent hotel room for the night. Why bother flagging a taxi and giving the driver a free show? And there's no place to take a shower afterwards.

Taxis turned dens of sin

SOME students from institutions of higher learning are willing to pay taxi drivers a hefty sum to use the back seat of their vehicles for a bit of hanky-panky, Harian Metro reported. According to the paper, they are prepared to fork out RM100 for a half-hour ride.

The students appear unembarrassed to remove their clothing while engaging in sexual activity the back seat, seemingly oblivious to the presence of the driver in front. At times, they are willing to pay more to the drivers when their 30 minutes are up so that they can continue with their activities.

Read the rest of the story on staronline.

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