Sunday, December 10, 2006

Poverty Transcends Race, Stupid

Here's an article by Johan Jaafar ('Squatters still peeking from behind skyscrapers') that appeared in The Sunday Times, 10 December 2006. An extract from it that I want to highlight:

"Poverty trancends race. So too, the squatter settlements in KL. In 1992, 44.5% were Chinese, 34% Malays and 17% Indians. Now the gap between Malays and Chinese is closing, meaning there are equally as many Malay squatters as there are Chinese".
So, how can they say that ALL Chinese are rich?

How can they say that just because the top 10 richest men in Malaysia are Chinese (this is debatable in my opinion, as maybe they don't hide their wealth as well as some others), that all the other Chinese are rich as well?

How can they say that all Chinese live in houses larger a former PM's?

How can what they say be true when Chinese make up more than their fair share of the squatters in KL?

Don't you think the poor Malay, Chinese and Indian squatters deserve help from the NEP to get decent accomodation more than rich bumis who enjoy the bumi discount when they buy bungalows?

Why the hell are politicians so fond of furthering their political ambitions by stereotyping and scapegoating a whole race?
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