Sunday, December 10, 2006

Didn't I tell you (AGAIN!) the conversion process needs to be tightened?

The conclusion to Rayappan's case is that the family buries him according to their wishes, after MAIS backs off.
I really didn't expect that the Mufti of Perak would agree with me. Hmmm, did he get the idea from reading this blog?

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Anonymous said...

Vet would-be Muslims... so, if it turns out that a non-Muslim is converting solely because of marriage to a Muslim, will this person be rejected from Islam but still be allowed to marry the Muslim anyway?

seantang said...

I think the marriage will be condoned only if the non-muslim spouse is "of the book" like muslims ie. Christian or Jew.

But if one's Hindu or Buddhist or Taoist... sorry lah. You gotta convert first. But if marriage or custody of children are the only reasons you're converting, then you're exactly the sort of troublemaker that causes all these religious tussles in the first place.