Sunday, December 24, 2006

PAS 'ambassadors of love & relief' to help prostitutes

Another hairbrained idea, on par with the one to turn Mat Rempit into Mat Cermerlang.

Pas Youth has come up with an ambitious plan to persuade prostitutes throughout the country to leave their profession.

Pas Youth chief Salehuddin Ayub said the plan, called "ambassadors of love and relief", would bring volunteers among the party ranks to set up teams of counsellors for this purpose.

These counsellors will approach prostitutes and persuade them to stop providing sexual services to men and to return to the right path, he added.

Full article in theStar Online.
Hmmm... aren't they ignoring the other half of the problem? How come they are not trying to persuade men to stop demanding sexual services from women and return to the right path?

PAS seems to have a one track mind when it comes to social problems. It's never the man's fault. It's always a problem with women.

When women get raped, it's because she seduces and arouses men by dressing or behaving sexily. It's her fault for driving him out of control. Never mind the fact that men have the ultimate obligation to control themselves.

When there are too many single mothers, it's because she does not want to be married and have a husband. Never mind that many are single mothers only because they were cheated & abandoned by men. Do you see the men clamouring to take care and pay maintainance for those kids?

Now with prostitution, it's the woman's fault for wanting to be in this 'profession'. Do they really think that prostitutes want & prefer to do what they do? Do they think these women were once little girls who declared "prostitute" when asked what they wanted to be when they grew up? If they had good lives, enough money to support their families and no pimps to abuse & force them - would they be walking the streets?

The Chinese have a saying, "who would choose to have headsores, if they could instead choose to have hair?".

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