Saturday, June 05, 2010

I will buy Khairy a plane ticket to Gaza today!

Apparently Khairy wants to personally go to Gaza and fight the Israeli Defence Force.

Khairy juga berkata sebagaimana yang dilaporkan oleh Malaysiakini di SINI "Jika tiada perubahan (daripada) demontrasi di Masjid Negara (mahupun) di Kedutaan Amerika Syarikat, kita akan bangun dan terus ke Gaza untuk tewaskan Israel,"
Mr Khairy Jamaluddin, sean-the-man is so damned impressed with your bravery and commitment to the Palestinian cause... that I will personally pay for your plane ticket to Gaza!

Don't you worry about the logistics and what not. All you have to do is SHOW UP AND FIGHT! Not just them fighting words, dude. Actually FIGHT... just like you said. With guns, knives and other fighting shit.

NOW... do you have the balls to back up that big mouth of yours???