Saturday, August 04, 2007

Euro vs JDM - Civic Type R specifications only review

There are 2 versions of the 2007 Civic Type R (CTR).

One is of course the much vaunted EURO version which will be available in Europe (of course), the US, Australia and all other Type R approved countries outside Japan (there aren't that many). Singapore is bringing in this EURO 3-door hot-hatch that has virtually taken the world by storm due to it's aero-turd styling and Citroen-esque touches of inspirational quirkiness.

All countries outside Japan will be importing the 2-door EURO FN2 CTR hatch... well, all except one. First time Type R approved Malaysia will be bringing in the other version... the JDM (Japan Domestic Market) 4-door FD2 CTR based on the existing 2006 Civic sedan being sold in Asia, which we are already very familiar with.

So, Honda Singapore sells the Euro CTR and Honda Malaysia sells the JDM CTR. This presents some unique opportunities for Honda enthusiasts in both countries to compare the performance of the 2 different versions. And the fact that the 2 countries are connected by 2 bridges (making cross border driving commonplace), both of which in turn connect to a 700km long, 'lightly monitored' expressway - virtually guarantees upcoming traffic light drags, top speed and power shootouts.

But since the Singapore launch was only back in May and the Malaysia launch was a scant few days ago, it'll be weeks before real life shootouts occur and get posted in the car forums. [Update 29/9/07: here's a shootout from Fifth Gear]

However, we can always draw a pretty accurate conclusion by comparing the specifications of the 2 cars. Specs never lie and the laws of physics are never wrong.

So let's compare the specifications posted on the websites of Honda Singapore and Honda Malaysia in order to see which version of the CTR will come out tops in the performance stakes.

Both cars are packed with the potent and perfectly square K20A i-Vtec engine (86mm x 86mm resulting in 1998cc, exactly the same dimensions as the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer's 4B11 - which will power the upcoming Evo X as well).

Have a look at Temple of Vtec Asia (TOVA... one of the best Vtec websites known to man, imho) for a detailed analysis of the K20A i-Vtec spec R in the FD2 JDM version CTR.

A quick look of the specs shows that the JDM version outputs nearly 10% more power than the Euro (225ps vs 201ps). That's a big difference from what are essentially identical factory stock engines.

The JDM gets all this extra power by having vastly different engine management mapping compared to the Euro. The former's 11.7 compression is considerably higher than the Euro's 11.0. Peak power also comes higher up in the rpm range (8,000rpm vs 7,800rpm). Same with peak torque (6,100rpm vs 5,600rpm). All this indicates much edgier and balls-out performance mapping for the JDM. I'm not sure if the 97 RON petrol in Malaysia will dampen power output though.

The other major determinant of a car's performance is its weight. Even with 2 extra doors and a boot, JDM again pips Euro by weighing 75kgs less (1270kg vs 1345kg). That's about equivalent to a pretty large, hairy adult male sitting in your car all day, everyday.

Therefore, based on these 2 basic (but undeniable) factors of power and weight - it is my reckoning that the JDM CTR - with 10% more power and 6% less weight - will outrun the Euro CTR everytime and anytime. And with proper double wishbone rear suspension versus a reincarnation of antiquated torsion beam technology, I think the JDM will out-handle the Euro as well [Update 29/9/07: The Fifth Gear shootout reckons a 3s gap over a 100s lap].

Hmmm... looks like this shootout is a no-brainer. Hands down walkover for the Malaysian JDM CTR over the Singaporean Euro CTR. And Malaysians get their Type R cheaper as well.

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Ed said...

According to reports, the JDM CTR is tuned based on RON100 petrol available in the land of the rising sun, so the knock sensor will kick in to advance the ignition timing less in MY with RON97 fuel, and octane-boosting additives are not recommended as it produces some kinda undesirable by-products.

But I'm sure our local mechanics will find other mechanical & electronic ways to squeeze more power from the K20A! :)

seantang said...

If the JDM CTR is indeed tuned to extract 225ps based on RON100, it will be also be tuned to do so at Japanese emissions stds.

In Malaysia, it's my guess that Honda would have modified the mapping to give up a little on octane and gain a little on relaxed emissions.

In any case, I can't wait for TOVA to dyno one.

jdm rims for sale said...

the civic type r is very sick cant wait to see it in person.

gate valves said...

its one amazing car. i just love it both in white and red.