Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nazri versus Zam over Mamula Moon

Zam says that Namewee's apology must be accepted. Nazri says sorry not enough! - (Refer to Bernama and Malaysiakini respectively).

Both are equally ranked cabinet ministers... so who the hell is calling the shots? Is it possible to tell the arse from the elbow? Or are we simply looking at 2 arseholes?

In any case, Malaysia's National Anthem Act might not have a case against Namewee.

In fact, Malaysia might possibly be vulnerable to legal action for 50 years of intellectual property infringement against a band called Felix Mendelssohn and the Hawaiian Serenaders. Even if a lawsuit is not forthcoming, extreme embarassment certainly is. Especially since the govt has made such a big deal of Negaraku's "sacred-ness" when reacting to Namewee's Negarakuku.

You see, it's mighty possible that Negaraku is actually a rip-off of a 1940s song called 'Mamula Moon' sung by the above mentioned singer and his band.

Do a google search for Mamula Moon or go here: CmorButt's Den of Boredom for some background. He's got a downloadable version of the song there too that you can use as your mobilephone ringtone (WMA format and you have to register to download though. Bummer).

But don't scared, a Namewee supporter has put it on youtube, along with the argument that Namewee trivialised Mamula Moon, not Negaraku:

If this is true and Negaraku is indeed a cetak rompak of a Hawaiian hula..., then who the fark is going to give me back my 12 years of Monday morning school assemblies? Will we be Mamula Moon-ing or Negaraku-ing during the Merdeka Day march-past 2 weeks from now (on 31st August)? How will Malaysians ever sing Negaraku with a straight face again?

Damn those lazy-boned founding fathers of our country - who couldn't be bothered to get their hands on an original song - not even for something as vital and important as a national anthem.

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Budak Cina said...

it's simply a case of 2 ass holes from the same shit hole making lots of noise. If that bastard Hissymuddin did not make any apology for the seditious remarks, why should Namawee for speaking the truth?

m'sian said...

You forgot that UMNO fellas are above the law, and that they don't like to listen to the truth. They prefer fairy tales which sing praises of M'sia and its achievements.

kuroshi said...

Negaraku was not taken from Mamula Moon, but taken from Perak Anthem what was taken from a melody by Pierre-Jean de BĂ©ranger. The melody was so popular in Malaya at that them thru song Terang Bulan.

Mamula Moon only exist around 1950s but, Perak Anthem in 1888.

Negaraku's history is well written, and historical fact don't lie, not like your mere assumption

David said...

kuroshi, check your fact correctly. Are u saying this mat salleh takes perak anthem and make it into his own song?? Dont hide the fact and paint beautifully pictures like some U*** bastards. "originally composed by the lyricist Pierre Jean de Beranger (1780-1857)" WIKIPEDIA

seantang said...


You said historical facts do not lie.

However, the link you posted quotes:

"According to records there are two sources relating to the origin of the National Anthem before the song Negaraku became the National Anthem of Malaysia."

It's funny how the website refers to each account / source as "story".

Primarily, the very fact that the website's "historical facts" contains 2 versions means that it is not fact. It's guesswork. It either of the accounts were historically verifiable (ie. fact), there would NOT be 2 accounts in the first place.

And these "facts" from both sources are actually personal accounts (uncorroborated by any other sources btw) related by 2 individuals. One called Mustapha Albakri and the other Kamarulzaman.

So, yes... historical facts don't lie. But no... the website has not presented any facts, historical or otherwise.

In any case, how do you explain the simple existence of Mamula Moon and the fact that it is identical to Negaraku?

Let's put it this way, nobody has heard the "popular contemporary melody" entitled Terang Bulan in its original form before (at least I haven't), but there are vinyl records of Mamula Moon.

Maybe I am just personally biased that much of the Malay history we studied in textbooks is... well, "slightly embellished" for 'national' reasons.

For eg. Hang Li Po. Daughter of the Emperor of China... or a simple fleet's courtesan arbitrarily presented to a local ruler by the ship's captain, as a 'glad to meet you' gift?

Anonymous said...

Anak Malaysia
20 August 2007 16:55 120Namawee is just a prankster out for publicity. His words in the rap rendition covers the following issues. 1. Police corruption. 2. The inefficiency of the civil service. 3. The muslim call for prayer. 4. The special status of bumiputra. 5. The survival spirit of the chinese community in Malaysia. He started his rap by saying that he loved his country.

Firstly his love for his country and his comments on 1 and 2 are ok as these matters bother every citizen in Malaysia and we wish them to change. However corruption is not unique. Its everywhere even in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China. Corruption is not just the fault of the receiver, the giver is also equally to be blamed.

Secondly the issue 3 is also not exclusively malaysian as many muslim countries also have this norm. If you dislike it … I guess not much can be done to change it. You can always move elsewhere.

Thirdly the issue 4 and 5 has a political taste to it. In a democracy one cannot deny the rights of a majority to decide the policies of a nation in their own interest. Its everywhere, even in the US. The minority will always find their views taking a back seat. It transforms into a racial issue when the majority is of a specific race. However the good thing about being minority is that you will always have that fighting spirit to survive, but if given special priviliges, no one will reject it (eg. special priviliges are given to the minority).

The real issue here is the racial slant that the rendition carries with it. It is heavily leaning on Namawee’s disgust for the things that he mentioned, surfing thinly on a visible racial slant. That is why he is in trouble.

BUT … that is his personal problem. For those that are taking the opportunity to harp on these issues causing the racial slant to explode out of proportion, my advice is … STOP IT NOW!

Someone called me an uneducated orang kampung just because I had an opinion on these issues and that I was from Sarawak. Please understand that Sarawakians are more Malaysian then you can ever become IF you still think that until every single one of you are ‘RICH’ … you will always feel discriminated. In Sarawak, we are grateful to be Malaysian because without Malaysia, we would’nt have the ability to know how wrong and how right Namawee was.

Race will always be an active issue in multi-racial Malaysia. What we need to do is to behave and respect the course of history that has made Malaysia what it is today. Namawee should have stopped at issues 1 and 2

Anonymous said...

I'm agree with the anonymous comments. Who is Namawee anywhere to get some 'protection'? Our country is most important thing. If this country is not safe for us to live anymore, would you please tell us where to go unless you're not holding Malaysian citizenship Taiwan ? If you dont like whatever this country being practised, then tell me what are you like ? Then built your own bullshit country.