Saturday, August 18, 2007

Jobless UMNO Youth leader tells everyone else to get a job

Does anyone else (besides me) find it ironic that a man who has never had a single proper job in his entire life would have so much 'good advice' for jobless graduates?

Let's me put it this way. It's pretty hard to take advice about how to lead a common-sense / down-to-earth life from a man whose greatest accomplishment is being married to the PM's only daughter.

Rather than advice that they shouldn't be picky about jobs, I think jobless graduates would appreciate tips on - (i) how to convince people to lend them millions of ringgit to buy shares in a financial firm despite being jobless, (ii) how to convince youth wings of political parties to nominate and elect them to national leadership positions despite having no political nor leadership experience and skills, and (iii) how to find money to holiday in the US, buy 2 iPhones and pay the access & roaming charges for 2 US Cingular Wireless mobile lines without needing a job to earn money in the first place.

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