Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lancer 2.0GT (ie. GTS) launched in Malaysia

The new 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer finally comes to our shores.

Mitsubishi Malaysia is calling it the 2.0GT, which is essentially the same spec as the top of the line GTS, sold in the US. I'm glad Mitsubishi Malaysia decided to bring in the highest end model, rather than one of the 2 lower specced ones.

And I'm even more delighted that Mitsubishi is pricing it at RM113,000 on the road w/o insurance. That's not much more than the previous Lancer 1.6 GLX. And only 2K more than a Honda Civic.... 1.8S! It's closest competition (in terms of performance and imho, desirability) is the Civic 2.0S and that is priced at a whopping 12K more (10%).

Honda die-hards might say that Hondas are worth paying 10% more for. Compared to the previous Lancers... I'd agree. But this new Lancer... with the exact same engine dimensions (1998cc and a square 86mm x 86mm) as the Civic 2.0S, much the same 150+hp, stronger bodyshell than the homologated Evo IX, twin pot 294mm front disc brakes + 302mm rear, 6 speed CVT vs 5 speed torque converter in the Civic and its R34 GTR nose... I'd have to say, "Not this time, buddy!"

With so much CBU (100% imported from Japan) 2.0 car for a price that would only get you a homely CKD (Completely Knocked Down or locally assembled) 1.8 Toyota Altis or Honda Civic, this has to be my car-pick for Malaysia this year. If you're looking to buy a car soon, it'd be a crime not to buy this one.

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Ed said...


u sure the front discs are 294mm and rear 302mm?? Sounds like terbalik

seantang said...


It's correct. Somehow Mitsubishi's tend to have this brake config. Take the 1.6/1.8 Wira, Satria, Putra for example... the solid rear discs are also slightly larger than the ventilated fronts.

coolmegu_dejavu said...

hey thankz for the info...yeah me to kinda crazy on this modal..reali wishing to own this car bt waiting for da ryte time to own it...hopefuly to make it ...continue posting bout GT 2.0...thankzz