Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Lancer 2.0GT (Malaysia) - First Looks

Visited the local Mitsubishi dealer over the weekend, and took some photos of the just-launched Lancer 2.0GT.

Here's the price list.

It is indeed RM 116K on the road with insurance. Comes with Nappa leather seats, 18" alloy wheels, Yokohama A010 tyres, 6-CD player, full bodykit & spoiler, dual airbags and 3 years free maintenance warranty.

Like I said, I like that nose. And I'd paint the entire central part (grill, bumper and lip) black like the upcoming Evo X. There are even lines on the bumper telling you which parts to paint.

Nice sporty silhouette. Side skirts are not too overstated with holes and rice boy shit.

I'd rather not have the old-fashioned silver finish on the grill. Nothing a little black paint won't take care of. See the downward lines from the lower edges of the grill? The Evo X has that part in black.

The butt of an Alfa 156. None too original, but not a deal breaker for me. I'm feeling so-so about the spoiler.

Note the 2.0GT badge on the lower right side of the boot lid. The boot lid feels super, super solid. The doors however still shut with the typical Japanese characteristic of having to slam it to close properly.

Front twin pot calipers and rotor. The rotor is huge, trust me... but the 18" wheel is even bigger. Previous Evos used to come with 17" wheels standard. These wheels will probably fit the Evo X's four pots and super-supreme pan pizza brake rotors.

Rear single pot calipers and rotor looking diminutive in those 18" wheels despite breaching 300mm diameter.

I would have preferred 17" wheels, instead of 18". Lighter and cheaper tyres. 18" tyres are RM400 ppc for the 'not very performance' models. Be prepared to pay ~RM800 ppc for good, grippy tyres.

Engine bay looks exactly the same as the US spec Lancer GTS. Comes standard with the strut bar.

Engine bay again. Note the regular, old design wiper stalks instead of the bigger, flatter ones that supposedly resist lifting during high speeds.

Back facing exhaust manifold. Notice the ample space to tuck in a turbine, wastegate and a proper extractor.

Nice, sporty deep sunken dials. 234km on the odometer. 24 miles to get onto the ship in Japan, off the ship at Port Klang and 210km to Ipoh.

Typical plasticky Lancer dash. Forgettable.

Leather bound gear knob without sequential shift gates (that's what the paddles are for). I noticed the beautiful stitching on the leather bits.

Chunky, beefy steering wheel. Like a Momo, beautiful to the touch.

I like the magnesium paddle shifters too.

Closer look at the paddle shifters.

View from the back seat. My pals remarked that the back is not as spacious as the new Civic, mainly because the rear wheel wells still intrude significantly into the cabin.

And if you look at the big overhangs in front and behind the wheelbase, you'd conclude that the Lancer is not as efficient as the Civic in turning its bulk into cabin space.

Very comfy and reasonably huggy leather seats. NOT to be used without airconditioning, or I'll guarantee that you'll soak your underwear.

Boot space is so-so only. I'd judge it to be the same as the Wira. The opening is lower and larger though, so you'll have an easier time putting bulky stuff in.

Regular halogen bulbs. No HID for the 2.0GT.

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Angeline Kho said...

Hi Sean-The-Man

Hope you can help me. Do you know of anyone who has a Lancer GT CY4ASTXHR bought either in 2007 or 2008.

This is regarding the 3-Year Free Maintenance (or 50,000KM) promotion. The Free Service Coupon is only up to 30 months (50,000KM). EON Auto Mart whom we bought our car from and Mitsubishi Motors have not been helpful. Btw, I am from Kuching.