Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Tun M's radical solution for brain drain - sidestep the damn drain

Here's Tun M's solution for the brain drain:

... countries like Malaysia spends vast sums of taxpayers money on producing a million mediocre graduates and just a handful of brilliant ones. Too often, these would be the ones to receives handsome offers of jobs in developed countries, taking their expensive skills away from home for good.

It would be only fair, ..., for the countries taking them to pay a compensatory fee to their homelands, in recmpense for all the money spent on educating these prodigies.
Point 1: This is be true of govt scholars who spend taxpayer money to study overseas but decide to stay on overseas after they graduate. To me, these leeches are worse than than those who use public money for their studies, only to renege on paying their loans. At least the latter pay tax by working in the country.

Can someone explain why we don't impose a bond on govt scholars, like Singapore does on theirs?

Point 2: Tun M might have forgotten about those who studied abroad using their own money. Many, if not the vast majority, do not return since disillusionment with the country's racist policies is what drove them overseas in the first place. If I am not mistaken, they outnumber govt scholars by far, and they are the real brain drain for our country.

I'm concerned that a statesman like Tun M considers this a non-issue. Or is he not concerned as long as it's the non-Malays who are leaving? As Tunku Abdul Rahman used to refer to this phenomenon - 'trouble drain'.

Selamat Hari Merdeka. To those who feel they are not Malaysian enough, those who feel they are more Malaysian than others and those of us who are simply Malaysian [fullstop]

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