Friday, January 12, 2007

Religious Learnings for make better Glorious Nation of Malaysia

I said it first in A Solution to the Article 11 Impasse

"The process of conversion must include complete legal resolution of EVERY aspect of the prospective convert's non-Muslim life where it might become a matter of secular & Islamic contention in the future. Anything less and the conversion cannot take place. Anything less must invalidate the conversion attempt!

Therefore, the answer is to compel a prospective convert to satisfactorily resolve all his/her non-Muslim affairs before conversion..."
The Mufti of Perak said it next in Didn't I tell you (AGAIN!) the conversion process needs to be tightened?
"... once they understood the religion, only then should their applications (for conversion) be looked into, processed and approved.

... the Islamic Development Dept (JAKIM) and the state religious authorities must come up with clearer guidelines on the matter"
Now, Chandra Muzaffar, president of the International Movement for a Just World (JUST), says it in a Sun2Surf article: From fiqh to Quran: Resolving apostasy
"One of the most urgent tasks facing the nation in 2007 is to establish clear, unambiguous rules on the entry and exit of a person from a particular religion. When a person enters a religion, there should be incontrovertible documentary evidence of his decision. Likewise, when a person exits a religion he should have concrete proof of his action, acceptable to all parties concerned. These rules should apply to all religions and should be effectively enforced."
You've now got 3 esteemed persons, veritable giants in their areas of influence... okay, okay... 2 esteemed persons and 1 loud mouthed blogger who shoots from the hip...

So, now you've got 3 opinions from 3 very diverse backgrounds, with basically the same prescription for our country's inter-religious disease:

Tighten up on conversion!

Why is nobody listening to us?

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JS said...

Instead of tightening up on conversion, Muslims should stop their fascist attitude of meddling with others' lives and just let things be.

A person's choice of faith is his/her decision alone. No one else should get involved.

Rather than tightening up on conversions, it should instead be deregulated. Freedom of choice for everyone!! Come, come, you can all finally exercise your FREE WILL now instead of being imprisoned in a faith that's not of your choice!!