Saturday, January 13, 2007

Singapore F1 - possibly Sept 2008 & a NIGHT race!

More updates on the possible Singapore F1 race.

- possibly taking place in September 2008! That's quick, because it's a street circuit and you don't have to build a whole racetrack.

And Singapore already has a whole lot of experience with street spectator events. They host the annual National Day parade each year, and already have all the procedures and assets in place to seat thousands of people along the sides of roads, how to move them from the suburbs into town using public transport.. and then back home again, the authorities have lots of experience managing security and people flow in a huge street event like this. All they have to do is build the paddock somewhere... hopefully next to my office on Orchard.

- and the other thing... it might be a NIGHT RACE! Damn... that's going to be interesting. It'll be like Paris-Dakar, WRC or Le Mans - but this will be F1. And it's going to be spectacular.

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