Friday, January 12, 2007

Singapore to have F1 Street Circuit? Sepang leh, how?

If you believe in the principle of no smoke without fire, as I do... then you will figure, as I do, that Singapore might just pull off getting only the 2nd F1 street circuit in the world.

The only other street circuit in the current F1 calendar, is the jewel in the Ecclestone crown, Monaco. Cote d'Azur. I've driven around that amazing circuit countless times. Well, actually once... in a rented Renault Espace MPV after dinner, the other times on GranTurismo 4 for PS2. And it's breath-taking

What does this development bode for Sepang? For sure, the Singapore F1 spectacle will have none of the traffic problems, parking problems, fubars, customer fuckups and service cockups that perpetually plague the Malaysian leg.

And don't discount the fact that speed-constipated Singaporeans make up a large portion of the spectators at Sepang each year. Will they still make the 3 to 6 hour drive (depending on what they drive lah) from Singapore to Sepang each year, if they have a race at their doorstep?

But whatever the outcome, a F1 street race in Singapore will be tremendous. I can just picture it. 22,000 naturally aspirated V8 horses thundering down Orchard Road, ignoring the traffic lights and pedestrian crossings, speeding beyond the 60kmh limit in the bus lane, during peak hours, and without topping up their cashcards for the ERP... that'll just drive every traffic cop on the island mad. I love it!

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