Monday, January 01, 2007

MCA to safeguard interests of Malaysian Chinese... HAHAHAHA...

MCA President, Ong Ka Ting pledges to safeguard Chinese interests - says theStar Online in 'MCA to ensure all Chinese interests are safeguarded'.

He said the Malaysian Chinese Economic Consultative Council, which was jointly formed by the MCA and Chinese guilds and associations, would continue to research and examine the economic policies to ensure that the interests of all Chinese were safeguarded.

The MCA will be persistent in its stand to disallow the implementation of any policies that are outdated, said party president Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting.
Is that so? Are you sure? Does this mean Ong Tee Keat will get his ass kicked again by UMNO for simply stating an inconvenient fact?

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“The efforts made by the MCA are also aimed at ensuring that more Chinese professionals would join government-linked companies.
Really? Will you be helping Datuk Liew Chook San get his job back at Penang state GLC, PBA Holdings Bhd? Gerakan hasn't done this part very well... I wonder what MCA can do?

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Ong said the party had successfully fought for the establishment of nine new Chinese primary schools and had received approvals for the relocation of 58 Chinese primary schools from 1999 until last year.
Personally, I'm against how the Chinese school system has been implemented in Malaysia. I'm against how Malaysian Chinese spend their own money to educate their children in semi govt SMJKs and private chinese schools, but then also foot 80% of the tax bill [apparently lah] to educate everyone else's children in fully government schools [which they won't send their kids to], including residential ones [which they can't].

Chinese schools in Malaysia need to be funded exactly the same as fully govt schools ie. fully funded. If you pay the same tax as everyone else, you should get fully funded education like everyone else.

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nxoluhx said...

I have faith in the Money Collecting Association. I'm sure they will find more ways to sell out the Chinese. No wonder more than 2 million Chinese have left.