Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tun M thinks Najib understands problems better. OK.. what problem?

I really don't know why the old man likes Najib so much. He's uncharismatic, directionless, hen-pecked and rolls his 'R's way too much when he's making speeches in BM.

Here's what Tun M sees in Najib:

But THIS is all I see when I look at Najib:

Okay, we know Najib's solution: Slap some Chinese blood onto a crooked little knife.

Now tell me, Tun... exactly what problem is that supposed to solve?

Oh, and don't forget these as well:

Friday, February 22, 2008

DAP un-shoots foot, PAS takes 2 steps forward, UMNO unleashes anti-kafir fakirs

Some election short stories to help you decide who to vote for in the upcoming General Election:

1. DAP unshoots foot

Batu Gajah MP, Fong 'Chili Padi' Po Kuan, reverses decision to stay away from election.

Firstly allow me to express my heartfelt apology to all Batu Gajah voters, supporters, members and Party for causing them disappointment, upset and hurt of my announcement not to seek re-election in this coming 12th General Election. Also, I apologise to the Party for the damage caused by my announcement and to the people of Malaysia as well, as it has never been my intention to harm the cause of justice and freedom for which we all cherish. I seek the Party and people’s forgiveness for the mistakes.

Once again I have no better words to convey to all concerned, my gratitude to them for their kind words, unfailing support for me and DAP.

Therefore I wish to continue to represent the voices of Batu Gajah voters and all Malaysians in Parliament. Thank you. - Malaysiakini & Fong Po Kuan's Chamber of Thoughts
2. PAS takes 2 steps forward

PAS takes 2 ground-breaking steps. Firstly, they drop their agenda for an Islamic State... well, sort of.
Malaysia's Islamic opposition has dropped from its election platform a pledge to create a theocratic state, and is instead promising to slash the cost of living and ensure racial equality. The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, or PAS, will campaign in the March 8 general elections with the slogan "a nation of care and opportunity," party President Abdul Hadi Awang told reporters Thursday.

By focusing on social issues rather than Islam, it appears to be softening its hard-line image, which has alienated not only non-Muslims but also some within the Islamic community.

"We offer equal justice to all, justice in economy opportunities and freedom of religion," Abdul Hadi said. "We promise a government that is trustworthy, just and clean which will be able to give the people a better life." - AP carried by Malaysia-Today
Secondly, PAS fields a kafir (non-Muslim) as a candidate in the coming election... again, sort of.
Kumutha Raman, a 29-year-old law graduate, was named as the FIRST non-Muslim candidate to be fielded by PAS for a state seat in Johore.

Kumutha had broken the conservative Islamic party's 61-year-old tradition of only fielding Muslims as candidates.

But knowing the realities, PAS is fielding her under the Parti Keadilan Rakyat symbol, based on the electoral pact the two parties have made.

She is a member of the one-month old Unity Bureau under the Johor Non-Muslim
Pas Supporters Club. "I joined the club because I see that Pas is not bent on racialism. To me all races, be they Malays, Chinese or Indians, are the same," she said. - Malaysians Unplugged Uncensored
3. UMNO's fakirs go all ballistic against kafirs
Let us look at the track record.

Was it not PAS that summoned the Kelantan Hindus for a meeting and offered them a site for a Hindu temple even though they did not ask for one? Umno, however, during the time it was ruling Kelantan, blocked the building of a Hindu temple. Was it not Umno that declared Buddhist statues haram and blocked its construction in the state of Sabah? The court case is pending even as you read this. Was it not Umno that demolished Hindu temples in Selangor? Was it not Umno that shot tear gas and water cannons into the Batu Caves temple grounds? Was it not PAS that allowed pigs to be slaughtered in Kelantan while Umno, during the time it ruled Kelantan, forbade it? Look at the track record. Let the track record speak for itself.

Take a drive to Kelantan these next few days before the general election. Go visit the Kota Bharu market. See for yourself all the women selling at the Kota Bharu market. Yes, the women control the market. The women monopolise the economic scene. The batek and songket manufacturers are mostly all women. The signboards carry women's names. If you trade with them, you trade with the women. The women negotiate with you and the women handle all the money, not the men.

Where are the so-called 'separate check-out counters'? The men and women stand in the same line and the women serve you and you pay the women at the check-out counters. There are only separate toilets for men and women. The rest are all men-women mixed.

Go stay at the state government-owned Perdana Hotel in Kota Bharu. They have only one swimming pool. And you and your wife both swim in that same one pool. There are no two swimming pools, one for men and another for women.

Let me put it to you again in plain and simple English. PAS is contesting only 60 Parliament seats. They need 150 seats to control two-thirds of Parliament. PAS cannot implement Islamic laws even if they control two-thirds of the seats in the State Assembly without controlling two-thirds of Parliament. PAS is not pursuing the ISD any longer. Malaysia will remain a Secular State unless two-thirds of Malaysians demand this country be changed into an Islamic State through a referendum -- but then the referendum can only be called by Barisan Nasional and never by PAS because only Barisan Naisonal controls two-thirds of Parliament.

Now, are we still worried about Malaysia being turned into an Islamic State? If we are then we had better watch Barisan Nasional closely because only Barisan Nasional can do that. Look at this news item again (Pro-government Islamic groups demanding stronger role for Islam ahead of polls in Malaysia) and here (PEMBELA declaration & press statement). See who is crying out for more Islamisation? Is it PAS? Or is it the Umno-led organisations? And who will control two-thirds of Parliament come this election? Will it be PAS when it is contesting only 60 seats and may end up winning only half or so? Or will it be Barisan Nasional as most of you believe will happen? Is it wise, therefore, that Barisan Nasional be given two-thirds of the seats in Parliament? You decide come 8 March 2008 when you go to cast your votes. - Malaysia-Today
Hope that makes you more comfortable about voting for PAS. As Malaysia-Today shows, it doesn't matter even if PAS did not drop the Islamic state agenda. They can't do anything about it even if they win all the seats they contest (including the one fielding the Indian lady).

So just REMEMBER the BASIC OBJECTIVE: Deny BN a 2/3rds majority in GE2008. It doesn't matter which opposition party you vote for. Vote ANY opposition!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

What the local Taliban-wannabe Fakirs want!

There ya go, nary a couple of days go by before some fuckwit sees fit to call me 'kafir' in my own blog.

And you know what, I'm sick of being referred to in Islamic terms. Why can't someone be Muslim, and I simply be Buddhist or Christian or Hindu or Sikh etc? Why must I be... non-Muslim? Why must my identity be based on someone else's terms? And why must some of them have to use the word with so much disdain and self righteous indignance?

So, from now on, I resolve to do the following.

Since I'm being labelled kafir, I will label them as fakir. From the Oxford dictionary:


/faykeer, fkeer/

noun a Muslim, a religious ascetic who lives solely on alms.

— ORIGIN Arabic, needy man.

Fakir is more than just a coincidental play on the word kafir. It's actually very apt, describing those who are wont to use the word 'kafir' in the most derogatory manner possible, don't you think?

And since I'm just a simple Chinaman, please forgive me in advance if I sometimes mispronounce it 'farker' or something.

Which brings me nicely into the topic of today's post:

Here's what some local Talibani fakirs want from the political parties in the next election:


In view of the upcoming general election, Malaysia's Islamic NGOs exercise their democratic right by calling upon political parties, election candidates and the future state and federal government to address issues concerning the interests of Islam, Muslim society and the nation. The calls for a responsive government which is receptive to the aspiration of the people and the Muslim majority contained in a document called "Malaysia's 12th General Election: Islamic NGOs Election Demands". The document is a product of a consensus reached through a series of consultation among Malaysia's main Islamic NGOs including Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia (ABIM), Jamaah Islah Malaysia (JIM), Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association (MACMA), Syari'e Lawyers Association of Malaysia (PGSM), Allied Coordinating Council of Islamic NGOs (ACCIN), Wadah Pencerdasan Umat (WADAH), Muafakat Masyarakat Malaysia (MUAFAKAT) and Muslim Lawyers Association (MLA), Persatuan Ulama' Malaysia (PUM), Teras Pengupayaan Umat (TERAS). (See the full list below).

The document comprises a host of demands which fall under six main items, namely the special constitutional position of Islam; Islamic education and da'wah (call to Islam); good governance; democracy and civil society; inter-ethnic and inter-religious relations; and Islamic faith and morals. Following are the summary of the demands:

1. Special Constitutional Position of Islam

• Defend the position of Islam as the Religion of the Federation under Article 3 of the Federal Constitution.
• Assert the significant role of Islam in the state and rejects the notion of Malaysia as a secular state.
• Defend and strengthen the position and jurisdiction of Syariah Courts under Article 121(1A) of the Federal Constitution.
• Legislate laws controlling the propagation of non-Muslim religions among the Muslims in Sabah, Sarawak, Perlis, Pulau Pinang and Federal Territories as provided by Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution.
• Enhance the level of professionalism among the staff of Islamic agencies.
• Legislate Halal Food and Processing Act as a means to govern halal industry and enhance the enforcement of halal requirements.
• Take stern action against employers who prevent employees from practicing their Islamic religious duties at work.
• Prosecute those who cause religious disharmony, especially by making offensive remarks against Islam, under Section 298A of the Penal Code.

2. Islamic Education and Da'wah

• Increase the learning period of Islamic subjects in national primary and secondary schools.
• Set up Islamic higher learning and research institutions in specific fields such as education, technology and management.
• Guarantee academic and intellectual freedom by giving autonomous status to the universities.
• Re-instate and increase the per-capita aid to People's Religious Schools (Sekolah Agama Rakyat, SAR) and provide free textbooks to students of these schools.
• Re-introduce the teaching of Mathematics and Science in Malay at national schools.
• The Ministry of Education to allow excellent students from private religious schools to enrol in boarding schools under the supervision of the ministry and the Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA).
• Extend the provision of government scholarships, which are currently enjoyed by Malay students, to non-Malay Muslim students.
• Increase the number of recipients of the Public Service Department's scholarship award to Muslim students to further their studies abroad.
• The Ministry of Education to continue encouraging Islamic practices in schools.
• Provide special allocation to Islamic NGOs to carry out Islamic educational activities.
• The Ministry of Information to be sensitive toward the feelings of Muslim majority in devising broadcast policies; prioritize television programs that contribute to the development of a moral society; increase the number of Islamic education programs; and stop airing entertainment programs that promote hedonistic culture.
• Private television stations must adhere to the National Culture Policy and the National Education policy in selecting their programs.

3. Good Governance

• Step up the efforts to curb graft and abuse of powers among public officials.
• Appoint public officials among those who are free from graft, abuse of power and immoral conduct.
• Foster the internalization of Islamic values among civil servants.
• Public officials to make public declaration of their assets.
• Appoint senators among the leaders Islamic NGOs to oversee the implementation of Islamic policies and promote the welfare of Muslims.

4. Civil Society and Democracy

• Ensure that elections are clean, free and fair.
• Select election candidates among those who are of high integrity, good conduct and able.
• Ensure that the government exercises its powers in accordance with the rule of law and the constitution.
• Widen the democratic space in order to allow civil society institutions to contribute to social empowerment and nation building.

5. Inter-Ethnic and Inter-Religious Relations

• Enhance commitment to religious and racial harmony.
• Reject political parties and politicians who disregard special position of Islam in Malaysia and those who advocate the secular understanding of absolute religious freedom.
• Strictly enforce laws on the building of houses of worship irrespective of religions.
• Ensure that the sensitivities of local residents be taken into consideration before a house of worship is built in the area.
• Form a special committee comprising the representatives of Muslim organizations and local authorities to deliberate on applications to build non-Muslim houses of worship in Muslim-majority residential area.

6. Islamic Faith and Morals

• Reject the notion of religious pluralism which claims that all religions are the same.
• Reject the use of specific Islamic terms like "Allah", "Ka'abah","Baitullah" and "Solat" to refer to certain dissimilar concepts in non-Muslim religions.
• Increase the number of religious enforcement officers and their level of professionalism.
• Strictly enforce the existing laws on religious and moral crimes.

The full document can be accessed at www.MYISLAMNETWORK.NET

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

School fees: Muslim bumi... FREE. Non-muslim bumi... RM15! WTF?!

Kelas Tambahan Tahun 6 (Year 6 Additional Classes).

If you're muslim bumiputra.... FREE.

If you're not muslim bumiputra... RM15.00.

And this is in a SRK (Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan) ie. govt school ie. tax payer funded school. For more details, read Malaysia-Today.

As a non-bumi, non-muslim taxpayer (we apparently pay 80% of Malaysia's tax revenue), I'd be very, very upset if my taxes pay for free additional classes for muslim bumiputra children, but my own kids are charged fees.

To me, this underlines the pressing need to teach UMNO and MCA/MIC (by virtue that they are nothing more than UMNO's proxy lapdogs) a stern lesson in the coming general election.

So deny BN a 2/3rds majority. If not for your sake, then for your waris bukan bumiputra child's sake, dammit!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Deny BN a 2/3rds majority in GE2008

As we go to the polls in a few weeks time, I happened to chance across this succinct and insightful letter below. I implore you to read it, and vote accordingly in the election.

Letter by SV Singam (published on The People's Parliament)

The ruling coalition has enjoyed an almost unbroken 50 years of 2/3 majority in parliament. The only time this overwhelming majority was lost was in 1969. Immediately, the race riots were triggered, parliament was suspended and the National Operations Council (with 100% control) installed. The semblance of democracy was only restored after the major opposition parties were sucked into a new and larger coalition and the 2/3 majority regained.

The ruling coalition operates on the Whip principle – component parties and representatives must toe the official line. Under no circumstances is a Wakil Rakyat allowed to vote according to his conscience or according to the mandate the rakyat he represents gave him.

So what has 50 years of 2/3 majority given us?

* The Malaysian Constitution has been amended some 690 times. The USA has been in existence for more than 200 years and their constitution was only amended 27 times.
* The Constitution is amended for matters as trivial as extending the term of office of the Elections Commission officers, simply to avoid facing rejection by the Agung.
* Because of the overwhelming power available to the Executive, the Legislature has been reduced to a rubber stamp, the Judiciary has been emasculated and corrupted and the powers of the Agung have been clipped.
* The legal system is a sad joke, serving only further the desires of the ruling clique.
* The Elections Commission serves only to ensure that the ruling clique is returned to power.

Look at the statistics…

In the last election, Barisan Nasional received only 63.8% of the popular votes but has 91% of all parliamentary seats. All due to gerrymandering, phantom votes, voter relocation, voter substitution… there are even suspicions of ballot box stuffing.

UMNO received 35.9% of the popular votes, has 50% of the parliamentary seats and holds 71% of the ministerial positions. The other members of the coalition have been reduced to running dogs, wagging their tails and begging for scraps.

Little Napoleons have been allowed to run rife and the rights of non-Malay, non-Muslim communities have been trampled upon. The Wakil Rakyat do nothing even when constitutional amendments threatening these rights are proposed. It is left to the opposition members to highlight these alarming matters and try to prevent total steamrolling.

Meanwhile, it’s not like the rights of all Malays are really being addressed. Claims of hard-core poverty among rural Malays indicate that wealth distribution is not making real headway. Under the umbrella of the NEP, wealthy UMNO leaders continue to steal the wealth of the country, feeding pittance to the rakyat. And the Malays are being deprived of the ability to compete and gain new skills.

Under the aegis of the NEP, incompetent people (skilled in politicking) are given promotions while capable people are being deprived of the opportunity to lead. Major national corporations and companies are blundering from error to error. We have lost our competitive edge in practically every field.

How much more of this can we take? How much more of this should we take?

Change may not necessarily be better.

But without change, it is not possible to become better.

If we want to become better, we must want change.

It is time the 2/3 majority in parliament is dismantled.

We hold that power.
So, vote the opposition. Any opposition. Vote anyone apart from BN (UMNO, MCA, MIC, Gerakan etc). Therefore simply vote PAS, DAP, PKR, the independents... anyone except BN.

What's the UPSIDE?

Simple. Deny BN a 2/3 majority. Without that majority, they cannot change the constitution and pervert the country more than they already have. Without that majority, parliament will be a more democratic affair. BN will not be able to steamroll their way through. Each decision will be scrutinised and debated thoroughly.

What's the DOWNSIDE?

If you ask me... honestly... there is no downside. Why... here's how I breakdown the 4 main excuses (reasons) to keep voting BN.

1. The Opposition is disorganised, untested, have conflicting objectives and will govern the country into ruin.

Well... they won't, because they can't.

The opposition will not govern the country into the doghouse. They will not govern the country... period. Given how corrupted the election system is, the opposition will NEVER win enough seats to form a govt. It's as simple as that!

Even if the election system was fair, the entire opposition in total, simply do not contest in enough seats to form a govt... and that's assuming they can agree to disagree long enough to form a viable coalition govt.

2A. I do not agree with forming an Islamic country. I cannot vote PAS.

2B. I do not agree with having my Bumi special privileges and position of Islam taken away. I cannot vote DAP.

2C. I do not agree with having an ass pirate becoming PM. I cannot vote PKR.

Again, these are a moot excuses. It simply won't happen. As mentioned above, the opposition will not be able to form the govt, and much less capture 2/3 of the parliamentary seats required to change the constitution to effect 2A and 2B.

So, the objective of all right-thinking Malaysians here, is not to install the Opposition into govt - since it won't happen. BN is going to form the next govt no matter what we do. The objective is therefore, to tie BN's hands by denying them the 2/3 majority.

3. The opposition will not be able to unclog the drains and cut the grass verge in front of my house.

Neither will BN, my friend. BN currently has 90% of the parliamentary seats... so, do you mean to tell me that only 10% of the places in Malaysia have clogged drains and unkempt grass? I mean, WTF are you talking about?

Drains, grass and potholes are local council responsibilities. Not parliamentary. The only way to improve local services is to have local council elections. Electing local councillors means that they immediately become accountable to their electorates. Taking away BN's 2/3 majority is the logical first step to forcing the govt to eventually listen to the citizenry and reinstitute local council elections.

4. I'm voting for stability. If BN loses it's 2/3 majority, economic and social chaos will ensue at best. At worst, we will have a repeat of May 13, 1969.

I reckon May 13 was UMNO's doing. And if it repeats itself, rest assured that it will again be UMNO's doing.

To me, this willingness of BN's largest party to resort to violence in order to keep itself in power is more than REASON ENOUGH to vote the Opposition. I don't know about you, but I rather not be held hostage in my own country!

So, as DAP says...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Edison and his dumb girlfriends

You must have heard by now about Edison Chen's leaked pictures of his many celebrity girlfriends.

All I have to say about this is: "Damn... those women are dumb. Unbelieveably dumb."

I mean, these are not 2 bit whores or some dumb schoolgirls who have more air than brains in their heads. These are famous and successful women in the entertainment business.

Why would they pose for nude pictures and agree to have their pictures (and videos) taken of them giving blowjobs, being eaten and generally taking some sexy back?

Didn't they think that such photos will somehow come back and bite them one day? And being celebrities, that they will pay the ultimate price when it does?

All I can say is, they deserve everything they are going to get... including any regrettable attempted suicides.

... okay, I know you want a link to the photos. And you know me.., sean-the-man rarely leaves you with your pants down and no one to blow you. Did I leave you hard and hanging with the Britney crotch pics?? No, I didn't.

So, here's the link. Get all the photos before someone shuts down this site. These famous babes are hot. My favourite is HK actress Candice Chan Si-Wai's set. Her oh-so-innocent expressions are like... DANG!.

So far, there's also actress-model-beauty queen 'Mandy Chen Yu-ju', actress 'Maggie Q', actress-model-singer 'Bobo Chan Man-Woon', actress-singer 'Cecelia Cheung Pak Zhi', actress 'Rachel Ngan Wing-Sze', singer 'Gillian Chung Ka-Lai', daughter of media tycoon 'Vincy Yeung' and possibly singer 'Jolin Tsai'.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Pork for thought

An apt topic in light of the Chinese New Year open houses occurring all over the country over the next couple of weeks.

Which is the right way for handling non-halal food (namely pork) during multi-racial/religious mealtimes?

(A) The Singaporean way - identify and label exactly what's halal and what's not, and serve both. Muslims refrain from eating what's not halal and non-Muslims refrain from offering them the same. Everyone sits at the same table. Read the attached articles appearing in today's Star newpaper.

(B) The Malaysian way - non-halal food is out-of-bounds in any function where a Muslim will be present, to the extent that only halal ie. Muslim caterers are allowed even if the function attendees are 99% non-Muslim eg. Chinese weddings where Muslim guests are invited, or official functions.

So what do you think? How should non-halal food be handled in multi-racial/religious meals and functions?

Should Muslims be simply given ample opportunity to avoid non-halal food and ample alternatives in the form of halal food?

Or should non-halal food be totally eliminated and made non-existent at any meals and functions where Muslims are in attendance?

What is the definition of tolerance here? Where does the onus or burden of tolerance lie? On non-Muslims to keep pork away from Muslims or on Muslims to keep themselves away from pork?

And while we're at it, let me throw a spanner into the cogs:

How about Hindus and beef? Why isn't beef accorded the same 'duty of care' (to borrow a legal term) as pork?

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to infidels, kafirs & heathens. Happy Holidays to the rest of you.

Just came back from the annual Chinese New Year's eve reunion dinner. Dinner was a few hundred ringgit, parking... RM2 and the after-dinner coffees... an exorbitant RM12 a cup (more expensive than Singapore). The company of my closest family however... priceless. And this being my first "tuen nin fan" (reunion meal) without my dad... it was doubly important that I be with family. I don't think I would have survived today being anywhere else.

So, with that...

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR and may the year of the rat bring you blue skies and all good things. KONG HEI FATT CHOY.

Remember, 'no man ever said on his deathbed, "I wish I spent more time at the office."'

Friday, February 01, 2008

You tattoo me like a Jew, and I brand you like a cow

It seems that some twat named Mahaguru58 was rather unimpressed by my "Hell No, I'm not a Muslim" card, so much so that he suggested that instead of cards, non-Muslims fearful of having their bodies snatched after death should get themselves tattoo-ed on their chest or foreheads like the Jews of Nazi Germany.

Mahaguru58: I joked with MENJ about suggesting that instead of carrying a card which could get lost, maybe it would be better to have a tattoo on their chest or forehead that they are Kaffir!
This provoked an indignant response by letter-writer FFT to Malaysia-Today:
While discussing the recent controversy over the issue of corpse snatching by Islamic authorities, these two Islamofascists go into a little diatribe trivializing the agony and stress that family members face at the hands of the menacing Shariah authorities.

If that weren't bad enough, Mahaguru58 then ominously suggests the following at time 12:50 on the video, with regard to how non-Muslims can prevent themselves from being buried as Muslims.......and I quote:

"Those who feel very strongly about it, this is going to offend some people I don't give a damn, they should have it tattooed on their chest like what Adolf Hitler did, you know, this is a Jew right?, and they had tattoos. So those who are now so adamant on not wanting to be buried as a Muslim, or whatever, for whatever reason, they should have it tattooed on their chest."

These two Nazi wannabes then go on further, referring to non-Muslims as being recalcitrant about not wanting their loved ones buried as a Muslim, completely ignoring the suspicious circumstances in which corpses were snatched.

At time 14:00 on the video, Mahaguru58 reaffirms his Nazi leanings with the following, and I quote:

"I think they should tattoo it on their chest or forehead 'I am a kafir'."
I'm not too perturbed by the tattoo remark. I actually thought it was a pretty witty. Extremely bad taste, but witty nonetheless. But here's my comeback.

Mahaguru58, let's make a deal. I'll tattoo 'Kafir' on my forehead, if you'll brand 'Islamist Twat' on yours. Tattoo-ed like a Jew vs branded like a cow... let's do it.

Retorts aside, I actually want to delve a little into the mindset of religious bigots like him. There are 2 observations that I'm able to make, after only managing a few vomit-free minutes of reading his blog.

1. Religious bigots can only see one side of a story or issue. Namely their side only. They are oblivious when their actions are just as deplorable as the actions of their 'enemies'.

If someone tries to convert a Muslim, it is an act of extreme provocation by an enemy of Islam. Does anyone remember the ruckus caused by the sms allegations that Muslim children were being converted to Christianity at a church in Silibin, Ipoh? Does anyone remember how bigots tried to transform the fight against demolishing temples and statues into a threat to Islam's 'position' in Malaysia?
Mahaguru58: I discussed with him regarding the current situation where Christians in Malaysia are prone to interfering into Islamic and Muslims affairs here since the change of leadership in the BN Government.

JAKIM ought to really get off its butt and start taking corrective action in all aspects of Dakwah al Islamiyah.

Enough of just wasting their time sitting in their plush air conditioned offices and departments, whilst the enemies of Islam are ganging up on the Muslims online and offline by way of their various activities that are meant to undermine the position of Islam in this country.
But if a Muslim tries to convert a non-Muslim, they are merely fulfilling their god's command and are in fact, leading the non-Muslim or Kafir to the true path.
Mahaguru58: Mankind's true faith is Islam... I see not that many Muslims here in Malaysia who are doing anything constructive to help share their knowledge about Islam to the Non Muslim Malaysians and thus have failed to do what Allah the Almighty commands us!

A proper Muslim would do better to engage in honorable Dakwah al Islamiyah by approaching those who have yet to be Muslims by using their wisdom and commonsense in knowing how to share the truth of Islam in a manner that they end up getting interested to learn about it and not run away from their birthrights to be true subjects of Allah the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful!
As you can see, bigots are not vulnerable to logic and reason, nor to the concept of 'do unto others what you will have others do unto you'.
Mahaguru58: The reality nowadays is that Christians and other Kaffirs tend to zoom in and focus on the screwups by a few Muslims and then lay claim to saying that Islam is bad. You see a lot of that in Malaysiakini and other websites that fail to stop Islamophobia from taking root in this land.

The website owners might mean well and just want to give all an online platform for freedom of expressions but haters and abusers misuse them to spew heartaches, lies and fabrications.

If I were to start doing the same, I'd be wasting the rest of my life in highlighting to the world screwups by the Kaffirs which are much more numerous and uncountable if we really, really do the same and start badmouthing them based on their sins and crimes!

Seriously speaking , the Malaysian Government ought to nip this unnecessary provocation by the Islamophobes and get the people properly updated as to the reasons why the cases where reverts to Islam were buried in Muslim cemeteries and not left to be cremated as Non Muslims or buried in Non Muslim cemeteries?
When the Religious authorities and Syariah courts encroach on the fundamental rights of non-Muslims and degrade the all-important concept of filial piety in a Chinese family, it's merely a "screwup by a few Muslims". And an 'update' to the people involved is all that's needed to justify it.

But when non-Muslims highlight these transgressions and express their displeasure, they are labelled 'Islamophobe Kafirs' who are committing sins and crimes against Islam. The force of the govt needs to be brought to bear upon them.

By the way, how can Kafirs commit a sin against Islam, when they do not even believe in Islam and the god of the Muslims?... which brings me nicely to observation #2.

2. Religious bigots feel perfectly entitled to be bigoted against non-Muslims, because non-Muslims are actually Kafirs (unbelievers) who have not reverted to Islam yet.
Mahaguru58: Among the subjects covered were about the Gospel of Barnabas which foretells the coming of the Last and Final Messenger of Allah after Eesa ibnu Maryam @ Jesus Christ Alaihis Salam. The Christians know about it but refuse to accept the truth that the Gospel of Barnabas contains.

We can only share info with those who want to learn about the truth. Those who choose to beguile themselves with dreams of being holy moly but get their basics all screwed up have only themselves to blame for their misguidance.

I for one am doing what I can within my means to clear the air about Islam and in my own way share what I have come to learn about Islam and what it really is?

Dakwah is not meant to brainwash anyone into becoming Muslims per se but rather to awaken the human intellect of both Muslims and Kaffirs into studying about their birthrights to be true servants of Allah the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate.

Things won't change until and unless we take a concerted effort to improve ourselves in all ways what more when it concerns our spiritual wellbeing and fulfill our mission to spread the truth about Islam.
Now I understand why some bigots have remarked, almost matter-of-factly, that they see nothing wrong in compelling the non-Muslim Gans to submit themselves to the judgment of a Syariah court. This Mahaguru58 twat even sounded annoyed that they were so against their late father being given a Muslim burial.

And I particular dislike his use of the term 'reverts' when referring to 'converts'. It implies that converts were originally Muslims (even if they were not born one), but have lost their way for a while and then finally 'reverted' to Islam. You see... there is one problem with this, and it's a big one. It's the fact that what Muslims believe to be god... is not within a non-Muslim's perception of reality at all.

It's not that non-Muslims actually 'know' in the back of their minds or deep in their souls that the god of Muslims is in fact (the true) god, but they simply do not acknowledge him (ie. to 'unbelieve' or be a kafir).

It is actually that non-Muslims do not even consider the god of Muslims to be anything more than a figment of someone else's imagination. Therefore they cannot 'dis'believe what does not exist (in their reality) to be 'believed' in the first place.

Religious bigots must be made to realise that their belief - that all of humankind (Muslim and non-Muslim alike) are creations of the Muslim's one-god and that the non-Muslims have somehow momentarily lost their way - is merely their perception of reality. And they have to understand and accept (kicking and screaming if need be) that this 'Muslim reality' is not shared by non-Muslims. In fact, this 'Muslim reality' does not exist at all in the perception of non-Muslims. So how can they be expected to accept the authority, laws and courts of a concept that doesn't even exist to them?

So, what does this mean? This means that the solution is not for non-Muslims to 'learn more' about Islam, with a view to make them more accepting of Islamisation on their lives.

It means that all Malaysians can believe whatever the hell they want in private, but in the public sphere - they must accept that each individual is entitled to their own version of spiritual truth. And that no one holds a monopoly to the truth, and no one is in a position to deem atheists and people of other religions to be 'unenlightened' and in need of 'guidance and oversight'. The relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims in Malaysia must be dictated and measured on the basis of universal, non-denominational standards of respect and non-interference. Not through the flawed conceptual prism comprising of 'the faithful and the kafirs'.