Wednesday, February 20, 2008

School fees: Muslim bumi... FREE. Non-muslim bumi... RM15! WTF?!

Kelas Tambahan Tahun 6 (Year 6 Additional Classes).

If you're muslim bumiputra.... FREE.

If you're not muslim bumiputra... RM15.00.

And this is in a SRK (Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan) ie. govt school ie. tax payer funded school. For more details, read Malaysia-Today.

As a non-bumi, non-muslim taxpayer (we apparently pay 80% of Malaysia's tax revenue), I'd be very, very upset if my taxes pay for free additional classes for muslim bumiputra children, but my own kids are charged fees.

To me, this underlines the pressing need to teach UMNO and MCA/MIC (by virtue that they are nothing more than UMNO's proxy lapdogs) a stern lesson in the coming general election.

So deny BN a 2/3rds majority. If not for your sake, then for your waris bukan bumiputra child's sake, dammit!


Observer said...

"Pelajar Islam"? Is this a religious school?.. I sincerely hope Non-Malays(non-Muslims) are wide awake this time when they vote. If you dont teach this racist govt a lesson by DENYING their 2/3 majority, your NEXT 4 YEARS WILL BE HELL!!.
The fact is the Bumis are living a life that is comparable to the western countries, with every thing paid for, hence resulting in their increasing population count and of course the non-malay decreasing population count. The population appears to have remained relatively stable purely because of the decreasing ethic chinese and indian population. I use the word 'ethic' because we are not foreigners living in Malaysia with a PR!!.. We are Malaysians born in Malaysia!
For past 30 odd years, we have become "Bonzai"ed. We are not allowed to grow beyoud our proverbial pot!. What HINDRAF and other groups are doing now is not because of some events that occured recently, its cumulative result of a series of racist policies practiced over decades.And, with a weak leader like Badawi, all the dogs in his administration are barking all forms of racist statements, especially during their so-called General Assembly, things have become much worse. I can only imagine once these racists and religious bigots win the election with a overwhelming majority, and they will assume all non-malays and non-muslims concede to their style of governance and religious practices.
Only your vote can muzzle these dogs.

Anonymous said...

Look, desperate Kafirs are creating lies again against the Muslims.


Do u know what ZAKAT is all about?
KAFIRs like u never bother to know, that is why u r so ingorant and ignorant.

If u wanna know, the ZAKAT is only paid by the MUSLIMS, not from the KAFIRs...


or simply wanna play with fire, again???


sean-the-man said...


Pusat Urus Zakat is only 1 out of 3 parties involved. The other 2 being the Bhgn Pelarasan Bumputera, which is public funded and the school itself, which is also public funded.

Therefore, only 33% is from Zakat, IF the cost share is equal between the 3 parties.

Even then, are you going to eat your words if someone brings up evidence the govt tops up zakat funds with public money?

Play with fire??? Is that a threat?