Friday, February 01, 2008

You tattoo me like a Jew, and I brand you like a cow

It seems that some twat named Mahaguru58 was rather unimpressed by my "Hell No, I'm not a Muslim" card, so much so that he suggested that instead of cards, non-Muslims fearful of having their bodies snatched after death should get themselves tattoo-ed on their chest or foreheads like the Jews of Nazi Germany.

Mahaguru58: I joked with MENJ about suggesting that instead of carrying a card which could get lost, maybe it would be better to have a tattoo on their chest or forehead that they are Kaffir!
This provoked an indignant response by letter-writer FFT to Malaysia-Today:
While discussing the recent controversy over the issue of corpse snatching by Islamic authorities, these two Islamofascists go into a little diatribe trivializing the agony and stress that family members face at the hands of the menacing Shariah authorities.

If that weren't bad enough, Mahaguru58 then ominously suggests the following at time 12:50 on the video, with regard to how non-Muslims can prevent themselves from being buried as Muslims.......and I quote:

"Those who feel very strongly about it, this is going to offend some people I don't give a damn, they should have it tattooed on their chest like what Adolf Hitler did, you know, this is a Jew right?, and they had tattoos. So those who are now so adamant on not wanting to be buried as a Muslim, or whatever, for whatever reason, they should have it tattooed on their chest."

These two Nazi wannabes then go on further, referring to non-Muslims as being recalcitrant about not wanting their loved ones buried as a Muslim, completely ignoring the suspicious circumstances in which corpses were snatched.

At time 14:00 on the video, Mahaguru58 reaffirms his Nazi leanings with the following, and I quote:

"I think they should tattoo it on their chest or forehead 'I am a kafir'."
I'm not too perturbed by the tattoo remark. I actually thought it was a pretty witty. Extremely bad taste, but witty nonetheless. But here's my comeback.

Mahaguru58, let's make a deal. I'll tattoo 'Kafir' on my forehead, if you'll brand 'Islamist Twat' on yours. Tattoo-ed like a Jew vs branded like a cow... let's do it.

Retorts aside, I actually want to delve a little into the mindset of religious bigots like him. There are 2 observations that I'm able to make, after only managing a few vomit-free minutes of reading his blog.

1. Religious bigots can only see one side of a story or issue. Namely their side only. They are oblivious when their actions are just as deplorable as the actions of their 'enemies'.

If someone tries to convert a Muslim, it is an act of extreme provocation by an enemy of Islam. Does anyone remember the ruckus caused by the sms allegations that Muslim children were being converted to Christianity at a church in Silibin, Ipoh? Does anyone remember how bigots tried to transform the fight against demolishing temples and statues into a threat to Islam's 'position' in Malaysia?
Mahaguru58: I discussed with him regarding the current situation where Christians in Malaysia are prone to interfering into Islamic and Muslims affairs here since the change of leadership in the BN Government.

JAKIM ought to really get off its butt and start taking corrective action in all aspects of Dakwah al Islamiyah.

Enough of just wasting their time sitting in their plush air conditioned offices and departments, whilst the enemies of Islam are ganging up on the Muslims online and offline by way of their various activities that are meant to undermine the position of Islam in this country.
But if a Muslim tries to convert a non-Muslim, they are merely fulfilling their god's command and are in fact, leading the non-Muslim or Kafir to the true path.
Mahaguru58: Mankind's true faith is Islam... I see not that many Muslims here in Malaysia who are doing anything constructive to help share their knowledge about Islam to the Non Muslim Malaysians and thus have failed to do what Allah the Almighty commands us!

A proper Muslim would do better to engage in honorable Dakwah al Islamiyah by approaching those who have yet to be Muslims by using their wisdom and commonsense in knowing how to share the truth of Islam in a manner that they end up getting interested to learn about it and not run away from their birthrights to be true subjects of Allah the Most Compassionate and Most Merciful!
As you can see, bigots are not vulnerable to logic and reason, nor to the concept of 'do unto others what you will have others do unto you'.
Mahaguru58: The reality nowadays is that Christians and other Kaffirs tend to zoom in and focus on the screwups by a few Muslims and then lay claim to saying that Islam is bad. You see a lot of that in Malaysiakini and other websites that fail to stop Islamophobia from taking root in this land.

The website owners might mean well and just want to give all an online platform for freedom of expressions but haters and abusers misuse them to spew heartaches, lies and fabrications.

If I were to start doing the same, I'd be wasting the rest of my life in highlighting to the world screwups by the Kaffirs which are much more numerous and uncountable if we really, really do the same and start badmouthing them based on their sins and crimes!

Seriously speaking , the Malaysian Government ought to nip this unnecessary provocation by the Islamophobes and get the people properly updated as to the reasons why the cases where reverts to Islam were buried in Muslim cemeteries and not left to be cremated as Non Muslims or buried in Non Muslim cemeteries?
When the Religious authorities and Syariah courts encroach on the fundamental rights of non-Muslims and degrade the all-important concept of filial piety in a Chinese family, it's merely a "screwup by a few Muslims". And an 'update' to the people involved is all that's needed to justify it.

But when non-Muslims highlight these transgressions and express their displeasure, they are labelled 'Islamophobe Kafirs' who are committing sins and crimes against Islam. The force of the govt needs to be brought to bear upon them.

By the way, how can Kafirs commit a sin against Islam, when they do not even believe in Islam and the god of the Muslims?... which brings me nicely to observation #2.

2. Religious bigots feel perfectly entitled to be bigoted against non-Muslims, because non-Muslims are actually Kafirs (unbelievers) who have not reverted to Islam yet.
Mahaguru58: Among the subjects covered were about the Gospel of Barnabas which foretells the coming of the Last and Final Messenger of Allah after Eesa ibnu Maryam @ Jesus Christ Alaihis Salam. The Christians know about it but refuse to accept the truth that the Gospel of Barnabas contains.

We can only share info with those who want to learn about the truth. Those who choose to beguile themselves with dreams of being holy moly but get their basics all screwed up have only themselves to blame for their misguidance.

I for one am doing what I can within my means to clear the air about Islam and in my own way share what I have come to learn about Islam and what it really is?

Dakwah is not meant to brainwash anyone into becoming Muslims per se but rather to awaken the human intellect of both Muslims and Kaffirs into studying about their birthrights to be true servants of Allah the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate.

Things won't change until and unless we take a concerted effort to improve ourselves in all ways what more when it concerns our spiritual wellbeing and fulfill our mission to spread the truth about Islam.
Now I understand why some bigots have remarked, almost matter-of-factly, that they see nothing wrong in compelling the non-Muslim Gans to submit themselves to the judgment of a Syariah court. This Mahaguru58 twat even sounded annoyed that they were so against their late father being given a Muslim burial.

And I particular dislike his use of the term 'reverts' when referring to 'converts'. It implies that converts were originally Muslims (even if they were not born one), but have lost their way for a while and then finally 'reverted' to Islam. You see... there is one problem with this, and it's a big one. It's the fact that what Muslims believe to be god... is not within a non-Muslim's perception of reality at all.

It's not that non-Muslims actually 'know' in the back of their minds or deep in their souls that the god of Muslims is in fact (the true) god, but they simply do not acknowledge him (ie. to 'unbelieve' or be a kafir).

It is actually that non-Muslims do not even consider the god of Muslims to be anything more than a figment of someone else's imagination. Therefore they cannot 'dis'believe what does not exist (in their reality) to be 'believed' in the first place.

Religious bigots must be made to realise that their belief - that all of humankind (Muslim and non-Muslim alike) are creations of the Muslim's one-god and that the non-Muslims have somehow momentarily lost their way - is merely their perception of reality. And they have to understand and accept (kicking and screaming if need be) that this 'Muslim reality' is not shared by non-Muslims. In fact, this 'Muslim reality' does not exist at all in the perception of non-Muslims. So how can they be expected to accept the authority, laws and courts of a concept that doesn't even exist to them?

So, what does this mean? This means that the solution is not for non-Muslims to 'learn more' about Islam, with a view to make them more accepting of Islamisation on their lives.

It means that all Malaysians can believe whatever the hell they want in private, but in the public sphere - they must accept that each individual is entitled to their own version of spiritual truth. And that no one holds a monopoly to the truth, and no one is in a position to deem atheists and people of other religions to be 'unenlightened' and in need of 'guidance and oversight'. The relationship between Muslims and non-Muslims in Malaysia must be dictated and measured on the basis of universal, non-denominational standards of respect and non-interference. Not through the flawed conceptual prism comprising of 'the faithful and the kafirs'.


Giant Sotong said...

See, that's why I don't visit sites like theirs anymore. Their attitude scares me half to death and the language is so toxic it makes me ill. Talk about having issues.

multidimid said...

The majority of people of other religious faiths with their expressed beliefs will hold on to their beliefs as truths - unbending and unyielding. The only way to change is to change the beliefs.
At the Heart of All Religions is the Same Truth
That's why many of us cannot understand that one religion is no different than the next, it’s because of the mind. Perhaps, we are not that enlightened to go beyond the mind. Then we see differently, and truly understand that there’s no difference, ever. It's such a simple thing we shake our heads and can’t believe that we couldn’t understand it before.
It's alright if each of us can pursue what he or she wants to study and believe, whether false or true. But the problem comes when we start to ARGUE and FIGHT among each other because of philosophical differences. Then we truly disgrace ourselves and our ascended Teachers because they always preached peace, integrity and love.
Thus, it doesn't matter now whether we believe that Christianity is the greatest religion, Islam is the right path or that Buddhism is the highest belief system in the world; we don’t need to argue. Instead we should seek to know our true religion, the true religious essence, which Buddha left behind, which the Teacher of the Tao left behind, which Christ left behind and what is stated in the Koran. And then we’ll know that the only, the best and the quickest way are through enlightenment. More details
Go H E R E

BrightEyes said...

When they're not adding adverts disguised as blogposts or building MLM pyramids, its finding ways to subvert nonMuslims & 'untrue Muslims' with self-righteousness & double standards. Most of the time, they end up shooting themselves in the foot. Which I admit, can be fun to watch...

But otherwise, nothing new from the two.

>>Does anyone remember the ruckus caused by the sms allegations that Muslim children were being converted to Christianity at a church in Silibin, Ipoh?<<

Yeah I do. Interesting how a fake SMS forwarded by the Perak Mufti can cause a whole bunch of people to act like sheep.

Our friend has a different take...

Anonymous said...

Mahaguru58 thinks he is a great teacher ( Thats the Sainskrit meaning of the word).He thinks its a joke to suggest tatoo on kafir.How can a decent human who is so claimed to be pious be so callus about grief of others.I have stopped visiting this blog after a nasty message was posted post Hindraf rally on his blog.Later He claims he did not do it. He is not worth my time. He forgot his roots Just look at his 'bumiputra face'he definately has complex trying to impress his Malay muslim brothers.
How can a human deprived of even looking at other scriptures and not allowed to learn them claim his is the best! Its like a kid claiming 'my mum's cooking is the best in the world' coz the kid is told so and has never tasted others cooking to compare and contrast. If one has a true religion one should not fear knowing about others unless one is so full if 's...' in the brain that he thinks knows everything that is to be known and every one else is a fool.No human in the world is perfect and one 'baju' does not fit all. So I hope he enlightens himself before trying to preach or brand others.Fially stop this bullshit about kafir bussiness. You are the lost soul. Find it first.No wonder you get so much garbage in ur mail Mr mahaguru, if u still call urself that!!.

Anonymous said...

Mahaguru - Fisrstly that word has more correlation to the Tamil Language than it is to Malay. Obviously he's "too black for the malays and too brown for the Indians". Hence he's using bias islamic views to gain acceptance as a "Bumi". Wanker !

Anonymous said...


Excellent response to Mahaguru58's religious crap.

He is trying to be "holier than thou" person as a Muslims but his language is so TOXIC ( to quote one of your readers) that I wonder whether he deserves to be called a MUSLIMS. The Al-Quran would have objected to his kind of language. He comes across as a "semantic terrorist" with his language on those who disagree with him. The sad part is he starts quoting verses from the Holy Book and then vomit out his toxic language. It is like hearing him talk religion in the toilet.

I used to enjoy reading his views on the political scene of the country, but I now get turned off by his Islamic credentials, ie bogus, and sad to see him vomiting anti-social statements juxtaposing with quotations from the Holy Book.

Mahaguru58 need to cleanse not only his body but his mind everytime he prays each day. And I doubt he is able to do that.

Anonymous said...

Mahaguru is afraid so he says he was joking. But what he suggested as historical precedence and cannot be taken lightly. More recently was the Taliban:

Al Ghazali’s views regarding non-Muslim dhimmis – which were typical of the prevailing written opinions of Muslim theologians and jurists during the Abbasid-Baghdadian Caliphate – resulted in tangible acts of dhimmi persecution, as recorded, for example, in this contemporary chronicle from Baghdad by Obadyah the Proselyte, in 1100 A.D.:

…the Caliph of Baghdad, al-Muqtadi [1075-1094], had given power to his vizier, Abu Shuja… [who] imposed that each male Jew should wear a yellow badge on his headgear. This was one distinctive sign on the head and the other was on the neck- a piece of lead of the weight of a silver dinar hanging round the neck of every Jew and inscribed with the word dhimmi to signify that the Jew had to pay poll-tax. Jews also had to wear girdles round their wastes.

Abu Shuja further imposed two signs on Jewish women. They had to wear a black and a red shoe, and each woman had to have a small brass bell on her neck or shoe, which would tinkle and thus announce the separation of Jewish from Gentile [Muslim] women. He assigned cruel Muslim men to spy upon Jewish women, in order to oppress them with all kinds of curses, humiliation, and spite.

Anonymous said...

`Mahaguru58 need to cleanse not only his body but his mind everytime he prays each day.` - posted above

Donkey brains. Everytime he goes to pray, he leaves the donkey outside.

Anonymous said...

As a group, Muslims are paranoid and suffer chronically from the disease of victimization. That is, they either victimize the helpless whenever and wherever they can, or scream murder against the strong. This mentality is one of the many bequests that Muhammad left for his Ummah.
[ ]
Victimization is an Islamic disease. Islam, irrespective of sects, either victimizes the people it can, or plays victim to the real or imagined oppressors. This victimization mentality is at the root of Muslim’s backwardness and primitiveness.

Anonymous said...

A Mullah begins his career as a parasite, lives as a parasite and dies as a parasite, simply because he contributes absolutely nothing to the necessities of life, yet gobbles disproportionately more of whatever resources he can divour.

As a true parasite, a Mullah’s very survival depends on others. It is critical for a Mullah to procure and maintain docile obedient hosts. A flock of gullible ignorant fanatics make excellent hosts and the Mullahs’ main task is to keep the sheep in their pen by hook or crook. They scare the flock by horror stories of hell and entice them by the promise of unimaginable glorious paradise if and only if they behave and keep on supplying them with milk, wool and meat.

wits0 said...

"Dakwah is not meant to brainwash anyone into becoming Muslims per se but rather to awaken the human intellect of both Muslims and Kaffirs into studying about their birthrights to be true servants of Allah the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate."

Presumptuous BS incorporated. He does not understand how offensive this is via his precious Creed to assert that all of us belong to Allen.

Besides, even what is known as birthright can be rejected but never his dogmas, aka religion, as such.

Anonymous said...

Allah the Most Merciful and Most Compassionate?

That`s a joke. Allah hates blacks. Allah’s love for the white skinned people continues unabated. In verse 3:107 Allah emphatically pronounces that white faces on the judgment day will receive His mercy. Jalalyn explains this verse, writing that, on the judgement day Muslims’ faces will be white.

Thus, the Qur’an confirms that the inmates of Islamic hell are blacks; the residents of Islamic paradise are whites.

wits0 said...

Actually, Multidimid, if you read Seth's "The Eternal Validity of The Soul", cloesly you will find that Seth accords the highest understanding about Reality to the Buddha's teachings and Christianity second. Of the three teachings, Islam was placed last. Well, it's in the mentioned book and in fact, implicitly, in others also like those about Sri Ramakrishnan Paranhamsa's experience as well.

In a PC world, however, such things are often seldom mentioned.

Anonymous said...

Both the 2 chimps are promoting the Gospel Of Barnabas which is a forgery:

These contradictions with the Qur’an and strange teachings also might make Muslims wary of appealing to this "Gospel".

Faithful Muslims who do not have works will be in Hell for 70,000 years. ch.137 p.319

Mohammed will go to Hell and be terrified as he beholds the punishment of others ch.135 p.315

Mary gave birth to Jesus without pain ch.3 p.9

Unlawful to hate anything except sin. ch.86 p.199

God is a father. ch.133 p.307

God is our Father. (-no sons, though) ch.17 p.31,33

There shall be no envy in Heaven ch.177 p.401

Jesus would sleep in like manner [die] and be speedily awakened. Ch.193


Imagine you were a Muslim who was told that someone found a lost "book" from God. Among other things, this "Sura" mentioned that Mohammed sailed on a boat to Mecca, and this Sura contradicted the teaching of the Bible and contradicted the Qur’an on ten points. The oldest manuscript of the alleged Sura was written in Italian, which is both not a Mideastern language and did not even exist in the time of Mohammed. Finally, this supposed Sura had some historical customs, which did not occur until 1,000 years later in Europe.

It is safe to say a Muslims would probably have a few questions, to say the least. Before you embrace this medieval forgery as an authentic work that shows the "real" teachings of Jesus, remember that this work contradicts the Qur’an, too.

wits0 said...

The Gospel Of Barnabas looks very much a forgery indeed. There may even be more useful matters that are inherent in the actual Apocryphal.

"The Gospel is considered by the majority of academics (including Christians and some Muslims) to be late and pseudepigraphical; however, some academics suggest that it may contain some remnants of an earlier apocryphal work edited to conform to Islam.."

Anonymous said...

Saudi Prince Mohammad Al Abdallah Al Faisal called today, in an interview with Turki El Dakheil, famous Host for the popular Saudi Arabian (Arabiya channel) TV talk show Eda’at (enlightment), for “changing the education philosophy in Saudi Arabia”. Adding “our curriculum produces terrorists”.

Anonymous said...

Saudi Prince Al Faisal admits: Our curriculum produces

''He continued, “I am not happy with the level and results of education in the Kingdom, and I personally sent my children after their middle school to study abroad .. Since we realized from experience that our curriculums produced terrorists who went and blew themselves up .. we have to find out how to get our students out of that path”.

Hamzah said...

Well said Sean!

these two idiots have done more harm than good for Islam & Muslims.

there are a whole lot of Msian Muslims who do NOT subscribe to the views of these two bigots or the body snatching departments!

Anonymous said...

"Mahaguru58: The reality nowadays is that Christians and other Kaffirs tend to zoom in and focus on the screwups by a few Muslims and then lay claim to saying that Islam is bad. You see a lot of that in Malaysiakini and other websites that fail to stop Islamophobia from taking root in this land."
'Islam is an ideology. Rejection of an ideology cannot be classified as phobia. To call the opponents of an ideology phobic is a fallacy. All ideologies have their critics and opponents but we do not hear Christians calling the critics of Christianity Christianophobe, communists calling their critics communitophobe or Hindus calling theirs hinduphobe. The term "Islamophobia" is both technically and logically incorrect and misleading.'

Mahaguru also has reacted predictably within the know boiler plate manner:

Anonymous said...

Mahaguru and menj are classic examples of the islamic darul harb/islam mentality. That is if you are not muslim, then you are anti them.
They practce `victimhood` mentality and narcissism (self love). So they have to project others as evil. To do that they use filthy words like kaffirs, islamophobia, etc.

Anonymous said...

"Quranic Concept Of War" By Big. Malik

`'The Quranic military strategy thus enjoins us to prepare ourselves for war to the utmost in order to strike terror into the heart of the enemy, known or hidden...'

It doesn't stop here, for Brigadier Malik assures us:

'Terror struck into the hearts of the enemy is not only a means, it is the end in itself. Once a condition of terror into the opponent's heart is obtained, hardly anything is left to be achieved... Terror is not a means of imposing decision upon the enemy; it is the decision we wish to impose upon him.'

Anonymous said...

Anwar said the widow of the late mountain climber, S Moorthy, should have been allowed to bury her husband because it was she who cared for him.

So that mahaguru and the PAS bigot satellite should first get their islamic authorities to take action action against Anwar.

Anonymous said...


“Islamic Fascists suggest that non-Malays be tattooed like Jews in Nazi Germany” refers.

We wish to inform fellow Malaysians that PAS views the above incident very seriously as it involves one of our members, and we wish to take this opportunity to say we are profoundly sorry for what was intended as a joke but was so poorly presented that it is considered as bigotry by those affected.
[ ]
by Order of the Supreme Council,
Dr Dzulkifli Ahmad
Director, PAS Research Centre

sean-the-man said...

Does anyone have a link to this unverified statement by the Director of PAS' Research Centre (see comment above)?

If this is truly a statement by PAS, I'm disappointed that PAS only regrets the "poor presentation", rather than the content of the issue itself.

PAS should clarify whether it would support the tattoing of non-Muslims if it were perhaps NOT so poorly presented.

Anonymous said...

Check this link, scroll to article end (before comments):

juslo said...

i think the 'PAS letter' was just a parody - PAS still silent by now, which is very telling. check out both their bm site:

n their english site:

-- i dont c that 'letter' anywhere.

n these should give it away:

"We endorse diversity, we appreciate multiculturalism, and we love you all till eternity."

"let us know what else can we do to make you happy?"

"we also love all creations of Allah SAW including but not limited to Pig and Dog."

"We are all equal creation until Allah SAW decided otherwise."

but even if it's really their letter, look at this:

"we are profoundly sorry for what was intended as a joke but was so poorly presented ******that it is considered as bigotry by those affected.******"

1, agree with sean, PAS "only regrets the "poor presentation", rather than the content of the issue itself."

2, the contents r not bigotry, but merely "considered" as such BY (NOT EVERYBODY, NOT PAS, but only) "those affected."

i think it's a parody.

Anonymous said...

Other great Menj jokes which PAS will surely want to laugh at (after all they are not offended):

1. Jesus was a half naked man swinging on the cross.

2. Of what use is hindus/buddhists praying to idols, when if the idols were thrown into a drain, would not be able to rescue themselves when even a dog could.

3. Sikhs pray to underwear.

Anonymous said...

yeah.. you are rite..
Their words are so toxic it resembles the psyco-babbles that come out of the Al-Qaeda!...
Anyway this Mahaguru58 twat is another hard core fanatic. I suppose this is the common behaviour of fanatics when challanged!!

wits0 said...

Well, was it also in jest that Menj once challenged Poli aka Sunline in his blog, Poli101, for a duel with AK47? Ask Sunline. :D said...

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Great entry!! We need to stand up to MOFOs like Mahai-kukucau.