Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tun M thinks Najib understands problems better. OK.. what problem?

I really don't know why the old man likes Najib so much. He's uncharismatic, directionless, hen-pecked and rolls his 'R's way too much when he's making speeches in BM.

Here's what Tun M sees in Najib:

But THIS is all I see when I look at Najib:

Okay, we know Najib's solution: Slap some Chinese blood onto a crooked little knife.

Now tell me, Tun... exactly what problem is that supposed to solve?

Oh, and don't forget these as well:

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Anonymous said...

very terrifying the choices of leaders we have to choose from, but between abdullah and najib, i'll tend to steer towards abdullah rather than the other one... but then maybe a miracle will happen and there'll be a shakeup the likes we haven't seen before come this march 8th...