Friday, February 22, 2008

DAP un-shoots foot, PAS takes 2 steps forward, UMNO unleashes anti-kafir fakirs

Some election short stories to help you decide who to vote for in the upcoming General Election:

1. DAP unshoots foot

Batu Gajah MP, Fong 'Chili Padi' Po Kuan, reverses decision to stay away from election.

Firstly allow me to express my heartfelt apology to all Batu Gajah voters, supporters, members and Party for causing them disappointment, upset and hurt of my announcement not to seek re-election in this coming 12th General Election. Also, I apologise to the Party for the damage caused by my announcement and to the people of Malaysia as well, as it has never been my intention to harm the cause of justice and freedom for which we all cherish. I seek the Party and people’s forgiveness for the mistakes.

Once again I have no better words to convey to all concerned, my gratitude to them for their kind words, unfailing support for me and DAP.

Therefore I wish to continue to represent the voices of Batu Gajah voters and all Malaysians in Parliament. Thank you. - Malaysiakini & Fong Po Kuan's Chamber of Thoughts
2. PAS takes 2 steps forward

PAS takes 2 ground-breaking steps. Firstly, they drop their agenda for an Islamic State... well, sort of.
Malaysia's Islamic opposition has dropped from its election platform a pledge to create a theocratic state, and is instead promising to slash the cost of living and ensure racial equality. The Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, or PAS, will campaign in the March 8 general elections with the slogan "a nation of care and opportunity," party President Abdul Hadi Awang told reporters Thursday.

By focusing on social issues rather than Islam, it appears to be softening its hard-line image, which has alienated not only non-Muslims but also some within the Islamic community.

"We offer equal justice to all, justice in economy opportunities and freedom of religion," Abdul Hadi said. "We promise a government that is trustworthy, just and clean which will be able to give the people a better life." - AP carried by Malaysia-Today
Secondly, PAS fields a kafir (non-Muslim) as a candidate in the coming election... again, sort of.
Kumutha Raman, a 29-year-old law graduate, was named as the FIRST non-Muslim candidate to be fielded by PAS for a state seat in Johore.

Kumutha had broken the conservative Islamic party's 61-year-old tradition of only fielding Muslims as candidates.

But knowing the realities, PAS is fielding her under the Parti Keadilan Rakyat symbol, based on the electoral pact the two parties have made.

She is a member of the one-month old Unity Bureau under the Johor Non-Muslim
Pas Supporters Club. "I joined the club because I see that Pas is not bent on racialism. To me all races, be they Malays, Chinese or Indians, are the same," she said. - Malaysians Unplugged Uncensored
3. UMNO's fakirs go all ballistic against kafirs
Let us look at the track record.

Was it not PAS that summoned the Kelantan Hindus for a meeting and offered them a site for a Hindu temple even though they did not ask for one? Umno, however, during the time it was ruling Kelantan, blocked the building of a Hindu temple. Was it not Umno that declared Buddhist statues haram and blocked its construction in the state of Sabah? The court case is pending even as you read this. Was it not Umno that demolished Hindu temples in Selangor? Was it not Umno that shot tear gas and water cannons into the Batu Caves temple grounds? Was it not PAS that allowed pigs to be slaughtered in Kelantan while Umno, during the time it ruled Kelantan, forbade it? Look at the track record. Let the track record speak for itself.

Take a drive to Kelantan these next few days before the general election. Go visit the Kota Bharu market. See for yourself all the women selling at the Kota Bharu market. Yes, the women control the market. The women monopolise the economic scene. The batek and songket manufacturers are mostly all women. The signboards carry women's names. If you trade with them, you trade with the women. The women negotiate with you and the women handle all the money, not the men.

Where are the so-called 'separate check-out counters'? The men and women stand in the same line and the women serve you and you pay the women at the check-out counters. There are only separate toilets for men and women. The rest are all men-women mixed.

Go stay at the state government-owned Perdana Hotel in Kota Bharu. They have only one swimming pool. And you and your wife both swim in that same one pool. There are no two swimming pools, one for men and another for women.

Let me put it to you again in plain and simple English. PAS is contesting only 60 Parliament seats. They need 150 seats to control two-thirds of Parliament. PAS cannot implement Islamic laws even if they control two-thirds of the seats in the State Assembly without controlling two-thirds of Parliament. PAS is not pursuing the ISD any longer. Malaysia will remain a Secular State unless two-thirds of Malaysians demand this country be changed into an Islamic State through a referendum -- but then the referendum can only be called by Barisan Nasional and never by PAS because only Barisan Naisonal controls two-thirds of Parliament.

Now, are we still worried about Malaysia being turned into an Islamic State? If we are then we had better watch Barisan Nasional closely because only Barisan Nasional can do that. Look at this news item again (Pro-government Islamic groups demanding stronger role for Islam ahead of polls in Malaysia) and here (PEMBELA declaration & press statement). See who is crying out for more Islamisation? Is it PAS? Or is it the Umno-led organisations? And who will control two-thirds of Parliament come this election? Will it be PAS when it is contesting only 60 seats and may end up winning only half or so? Or will it be Barisan Nasional as most of you believe will happen? Is it wise, therefore, that Barisan Nasional be given two-thirds of the seats in Parliament? You decide come 8 March 2008 when you go to cast your votes. - Malaysia-Today
Hope that makes you more comfortable about voting for PAS. As Malaysia-Today shows, it doesn't matter even if PAS did not drop the Islamic state agenda. They can't do anything about it even if they win all the seats they contest (including the one fielding the Indian lady).

So just REMEMBER the BASIC OBJECTIVE: Deny BN a 2/3rds majority in GE2008. It doesn't matter which opposition party you vote for. Vote ANY opposition!


charis14 said...

RPK's write-up on PAS is great material to help allay the fears of non-Muslims. What is more needed is the reverse - how to convince Muslims to vote for the non-Muslim candidates?

Anonymous said...

My malay boss just bought a bungalow for rm2 million! And he got a 6% discount (rm120,000) for being a bumi. He is so filthy rich already, why does he deserve 6% discount? Housing discount should help the poor (malay, indian & chinese), not help the rich malay. This is proof that the NEP only benefits the rich malays and umno.

Johor mali said...

Dear fellow Johoreans,

BN does NOT need 100% majority in Johor, 2/3 or slightly less is good enough and will keep them on their toes. We don't want our constitution changed now and then, easily, just to extend ONE person's service.