Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Edison and his dumb girlfriends

You must have heard by now about Edison Chen's leaked pictures of his many celebrity girlfriends.

All I have to say about this is: "Damn... those women are dumb. Unbelieveably dumb."

I mean, these are not 2 bit whores or some dumb schoolgirls who have more air than brains in their heads. These are famous and successful women in the entertainment business.

Why would they pose for nude pictures and agree to have their pictures (and videos) taken of them giving blowjobs, being eaten and generally taking some sexy back?

Didn't they think that such photos will somehow come back and bite them one day? And being celebrities, that they will pay the ultimate price when it does?

All I can say is, they deserve everything they are going to get... including any regrettable attempted suicides.

... okay, I know you want a link to the photos. And you know me.., sean-the-man rarely leaves you with your pants down and no one to blow you. Did I leave you hard and hanging with the Britney crotch pics?? No, I didn't.

So, here's the link. Get all the photos before someone shuts down this site. These famous babes are hot. My favourite is HK actress Candice Chan Si-Wai's set. Her oh-so-innocent expressions are like... DANG!.

So far, there's also actress-model-beauty queen 'Mandy Chen Yu-ju', actress 'Maggie Q', actress-model-singer 'Bobo Chan Man-Woon', actress-singer 'Cecelia Cheung Pak Zhi', actress 'Rachel Ngan Wing-Sze', singer 'Gillian Chung Ka-Lai', daughter of media tycoon 'Vincy Yeung' and possibly singer 'Jolin Tsai'.


Raising Mercury said...

True enough, i get what you mean, why on earth did they pose naked in the first place? It's different if they werent aware of it or something along those lines, but to literally have a camera pointed at your naked body and smile is just plain dumb... sigh...

Anonymous said...


"This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service."

how come? under pressure from the islamic state of malaysia??