Saturday, September 30, 2006

Lesson 101: How to Justify Racial Discrimination.

"Poor people are to politicians" what "Cute puppies are to young men".

Poor people help politicians get money and puppies help young men get pussy.


1. It's proven fact that women are invariably attracted to small cuddly cute animals like puppies. Young men are invariably horny.

2. Puppies lower women's suspicion towards their owners and give them an excuse to chat those women up.

3. It's statistically proven by Hollywood movies and television that young men who own puppies get into the panties of substantially more attractive women than men who don't have puppies.

4. And the puppy is only effective as long as it stays small, cute and cuddly.


1. Money in the form of aid, welfare and AFFIRMATIVE ACTION are invariably drawn to Poor People. And politicians are invariably greedy, as are their cronies.

2. Poor People provide a rock solid EXCUSE for politicians to channel public money into "affirmative action" programs like NEP (NEarly aPartheid). And anyone who complains about these programs are automatically Rich People who don't like Poor People.

Never mind that nobody ever accounts for exactly how much of NEP's benefits actually reach the Poor People it was intended for, and where the rest of it went.

3. In the particular situation of Malaysia, Poor People mainly come from a certain Race. Which a bonus for the politicians, as it allows them to play the race card as well.

Race gives added weight to the EXCUSE as it allows them to paint an ogrish picture of Rich People as being entirely of a certain race ie. Chinese - and who are trying to oppress the Poor People (conveniently portrayed as being entirely of another race ie. Malays).

Malaysia justifies it's NEP (NEarly aPartheid) by saying that 9 out the 10 richest people in Malaysia are Chinese.

Indonesia does the same by saying the 5 richest people in Indonesia are Chinese, as well as the majority of the top 40.

Never mind that there are rich Malays and poor Chinese as well. And let's not forget the poor Indians. (see: sean-the-man's NEW NEP).

Isn't it possible that rich Chinese are carefully cultivated by politicians, so that the exact excuse above can be used? Think about it... maintain a few rich Chinese indefinitely and you have a perpetual excuse to make the rest of the Chinese population bend over? That sounds like a damn good plan to me.

4. Poor People are an effective excuse for "affirmative action", only as long as they remain poor. So in sean-the-man's NEW NEP, I suggested that it is crucial for the poor Malays to remain poor in order to JUSTIFY the EXCUSE for the NEP (NEarly aPartheid) to continue indefinitely.

Despite almost 40 years of NEP, we still have the millions of poor rural Malays who remained poor. And we have the small crop of Malay elites who have enriched themselves tremendously using the same NEP. Might the rural Malays be better served by directing their frustration towards these rich elites who have monopolised the benefits of the NEP (which was supposed to serve the poor)?


And it's interesting as well to note that sometimes politicians think with a certain warped wormhole parallel space continuum logic that is completely illogical.

In response to Singapore MM Lee Kuan Yew's recent comments about Chinese marginalisation in Malaysia and Indonesia, Malaysian politicians and pro-govt press have been returning fire by saying that the Malays in Singapore have been marginalised as well.

Errrr... SO WHAT?! What has that got to do with us?

All that means is that Singapore might be guilty of marginalising it's Malays. But it has no impact whatsoever on Malaysia marginalising it's Chinese!

Or does it? Could these people be suggesting the Malaysia is entitled to marginalise it's Chinese because Singapore is marginalising it's Malays?

Whatever happened to "Learn the Best. Discard the Rest"?


Focus on the solution. Stop focusing your energies on finding fault, justifying mistakes and bad policies. If you're looking for suggestions on how to put things right, here's one that just might work!

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