Saturday, September 30, 2006

Faith, Riots and (Un)Reason

This is an interesting article about how many in the Muslim world seemingly over-react to every provocation (real or perceived) against Islam.

To quote the article...

"It seems that some Muslims' stock response to the slightest provocation consists of death threats and violent demonstrations".

Non-muslims honestly cannot fathom the reason for this consistent 'over-reaction' to provocations that they (non-Muslims) wouldn't think twice to brush off as merely an annoyance and inconsequential at the end of the day.

The article tries to answer why.

I would have liked the article much better if it also explored why the self-confessed "moderate" Muslim on the street tends to 'under-react' to the extremist elements within the faith. Whether it's true they fear that in being truly "moderate", they might be perceived as not Muslim enough?

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Anonymous said...

I guess that's part of the reason the Western world is always prejudiced against this particular religion...