Thursday, September 14, 2006

Zoe Tay's Secret to Beautiful Skin? She Swallows.

Initially when I saw this ad in the newspaper, I couldn't help a double take. Wasn't quite sure if I had read it wrongly.

The handwriting text on the picture says:
"My secret to beautiful skin? I swallow".
Zoe Tay.

I hope it puts an end to the primal question that has plagued mankind since the dawn of time. SPIT OR SWALLOW? Take it from me, baby... listen to Zoe. Swallow, everything also must swallow.

Here's the latest Imedeen print ad that I've seen (20 Oct 06). And yup, you've guessed it. No more swallowing. Either Zoe's had a last minute English lesson or she's found a better way to keep her skin smooth. ATM or scat, ya reckon?


Anonymous said...

With a mouth that size, she will swallow your dick and balls too.

ahmei said...

Hmmm, now i know what kind of girl you like ^_^
I don't have friends like her, who have such beautiful skin... but I do know some babies who have such smooth silky skin... ",)

Anonymous said...

For an old woman like her, she is actually fuckworthy.