Thursday, January 18, 2007

Introducing... the BURKINI

What do you get when the Taliban turn fashion designers and cross-breed a burkha with a bikini?

You guessed it... the burkini.

"The burkini is a 2-piece (swim)suit incorporating a head covering."

The picture shows only the face and hands are exposed. And though you can't see her legs in the picture, it goes right down to the ankles as well.

Anyway, I think it looks absolutely silly. Going swimming in a burkini will make you stand out in a crowd... like wearing a wet t-shirt with stiff nipples on a cold frosty morning. You will inevitably get a lot of stares and sniggers.

But I firmly believe anyone should be allowed to dress as ridiculously as they want... as long as they don't try to force everyone else to dress the same way.

I'll end with a sean-the-man original joke:

"What do you call sticking duct tape on your eyebrows and ripping it off as violently as you can?"

"A Burkini Wax."
G'night folks.


Anonymous said...

it's one thing to blog about muslims infringing upon your rights, but to comment about the clothes they wear...seems like you are digging for reasons to insult people

women who wear this kind of suit swim with OTHER MUSLIM WOMEN


the nipples don't show thru

p.s. they don't care how whether you think it looks silly because they don't wear if for you and don't plan on swimming with you.

I_shoot_sand_monkeys said...


Why don't u explain to me again how u r cool with Muslims routinely insulting non-Muslims abt wearing too little, baring too much or having the wrong eating habits.., but when the favour gets returned once in a while, u are somehow outraged n offended?

Anonymous said...

Stark naked is not welcome in Judeo-Christian civilization domain, still tiny bikinis are OK, and in some places topless is quite acceptable.
Let us face it, there is a civilizaton clash, and there is no need for one civilization to give in more that the other.
So wear a burkini if you must, and I will not laugh (well, not in the open); but I would like the politicians of my country to know that in order to have my vote I want them to be strictly against any provisions imposing upon other people certian religions derived ideas.
Fair enough?