Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fifth Gear shootout - JDM vs Euro Civic Type R

Not sure if Fifth Gear read my earlier post (Euro vs JDM - Civic Type R specifications only review), but they decided to do a track shootout in episode 3 of the current season. The conclusion... was I right or WAS I RIGHT?

Anyway, Fifth Gear provided some performance figures for the JDM CTR that I was not able to find. A sub-6 second century dash [vs the Euro's 7.0s (Honda Sg website) or 6.6s (Fifth Gear)] and a top speed of 160mph / 256kmh [vs the Euro's 231kmh (Honda Sg website) / 140mph (Fifth Gear)].


Rauff said...

...and we get the JDM Type R from Honda Malaysia~! Sweet~!

seantang said...

You betcha, rauff. Pity it's as expensive as a low end 3 series or C-class though.