Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Manhunt - Ladies' guide to snaring her man

It's probably also the men's guide as to why sweet young things tend to often transform into something... ummm, less sweet after marriage ;)


Maggiemee said...

Hello Sean,

Cool comic strip! It's interesting to see how there maybe some connection to some real life situations.
I guess it's just a matter of both parties sitting down and working things out.
On a whole, are we females that bad? (Just a general question) Hehehehehehe!


seantang said...

Hmmm, Maggiemee... are you Fiona Xie by any chance?... I wish ;p If you are though, call me ;)

Anyway, are you females that bad?

I'm reminded of this...

'men marry women hoping she'll never change. women marry men with the express objective of changing him.'

--- words to the wise by sean-the-man