Saturday, September 29, 2007

Singapore F1 GP hits the roads

The Singapore F1 GP will be held next year on 28 Sept 2008. And yesterday, exactly one year before the race, FIA gave its approval for the finalised track layout. The finalisation of the track layout sets everything else in motion.., from roadworks, additional construction to the recruitment of race marshalls and volunteers.

Now the only question that remains is whether the race will be held at night. Confirmation will only come early next year but current lighting trials overseas are promising. In any case, the official Singapore GP website is optimistic. They've got their countdown targeting a race start of 8PM.

Go here for the news report on ChannelNewsAsia. It's filed under the date-category of 28 Sept 2007 with the title: 'Countdown to F1 race on 28 Sep 2008 begins, night race pending.'

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