Friday, September 14, 2007

Ipoh has a prostitution problem -

Have a look at the commentary for Ipoh. The underlined portion reads:

All travellers should take care at night as Ipoh has a prostitution problem.
I'm not sure whether to laugh or be outraged. What the hell kind of patronising tourist guidance is this?

I'd be interested to see what they have to say about Bangkok or Las Vegas or London's Soho...
"These destinations have severe problems with large populations of whores and sluts brandishing pointy tits and wet pussies".


Anonymous said...

Hi Sean,
The 3 hotels that the guide recommended is kinda low class. Highly possible that he saw some 'nice' girls at those hotels. Ipoh like other cities are filled with girls from PRC. So, meeting one at nite spots are all too common. Next thing you know, they will be asking you to go to their rooms at those hotels.

Keep blogging.

Anonymous said...

only old & outcasted,prostitues are on sale-very cheap.younger 1s & pretty ones left for 'better price'.