Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Turkey CANNOT be like Malaysia... or Iran

Turkey's Prime Minister Gul is seen as an Islamist in his home country, and a regular target of criticism from Islamophobes in Turkey and the EU.

In responding to critics of his religious agenda, he gives the Turkish people and the EU an assurance...

Turkey CANNOT be like Malaysia... or Iran.
1. Malaysia has become an example of what NOT to be.

Pak Lah was right you know. Malaysia has become an example for Muslim countries. Like the smelly homeless chap holding the tin cup, that mothers warn their schoolchildren about if they don't study hard... we've become a bad example.

And coming from what is really the only other 'democratic progressive' country with a Muslim majority (besides perhaps Indonesia) and the fact the Gul's presidency was on the back of a conservative religious ticket, this dubious honour is doubly harsh.

2. It draws a parallel between Malaysia and Iran, in terms of UNattractiveness.

And if that is not an utterly damning statement of Malaysia's reputation (or disrepute), I don't what is.

Read these articles from Turkish newspapers :
- Gül: Should Headscarved Women Stay at Home? (Bianet)
- Turkey would never turn into another Malaysia (Sabah)

And also Lim Kit Siang's blog which clued me in on to this.


Anonymous said...

This is quoted from Turkish' Today's zaman newspaper:

"The prime minister, who is in New York to attend the UN General Assembly, also met with his Malaysian counterpart, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, for 15 minutes. There was no statement from the prime ministers after the meeting, but Badawi, faced with insistent questions from Turkish reporters on whether Turkey would become another Malaysia, was puzzled. In response to questions, he explained his country's economic success and remarked that Malaysia was a modern country when he was questioned on women's rights and the headscarf."

Our PM always answered out of topic. What an embarassment.. haha


Anonymous said...

Hahaha and arghhhhh! Even the Middle East looks at us as extreme,
shame shame Badawi, you answered like a fool!

Anonymous said...

U must be joking
Turkey is better at sport
Turkey has more vehicles for war
Turkey is more developped at air force
Vestel and Archelik are made in Turkey -what was made in malaysia???tell me one!
Turkey is better in attractiving tourism

So i hope u dont joke.