Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"When lawyers walk, something must be very wrong"

I never fancied lawyers very much. I resent the fact that they charge too much (a few thousand ringgit to photocopy a Sale & Purchase agreement?...) and as the native Americans would say, 'man in black suit speak with forked tongue' or f*cked tongue... (same difference though).

So as the voices against Sauron... oops Pak Lah's govt, grew (the Lingam video being the latest sensational news), and as the govt changed its stance from ignoring those voices to silencing them... imagine my surprise that the Malaysian Bar Council has turned out to be the foremost defenders of public voice, governmental & judicial integrity and most importantly, the primacy of the constitution and the (civil) laws of Malaysia. Here's a professional organisation that's actually willing to take a stand for what's right, even if it antagonises the govt (thereby putting their rice bowls on the line). For that, they have earned my respect.

Today, a march to Mordor... oops, Putrajaya was organised by the Bar Council. See Walk for justice ends with memo submission on Malaysiakini. Kudos to the Bar Council and I promise I'll never make any more lawyer jokes... well.., I promise I'll try not to.

And speaking of websites, the Bar Council website,, has morphed into a really good socio-political website. Frequently updated with news from paysite Malaysiakini (good for impoverished homeless bloggers like me), insightful editorials and legalistic viewpoints into current events. I find it as enlightening a read as my usual bevy of alt-news blogs. It's a refreshing difference from the usual postings and announcements about meetings, new by-laws and CPD (Continuing Professional Development) events that you usually find on these professional association websites. Give it a go.


DHL said...

I don't think the govt care much, though so many scandalous issues being surfaced for the past few years. All have been swept under the carpet easily and conveniently. from the outrageous Klang's Palace, PKFZ, ECM-Libra, ACA Chief, Close-One Eyes MP case, Auditor General Report, many many more and the most recent Lingam's tape.

The govt set to treat nothing has happened and business as usual.

DHL said...

Even how wrong the case is... did they really bother? even the setup of Suhakam, PAC, the commission that proposed IPCMC, Auditor General. All merely for public relationship purpose only, no power,no authorisation, no independent to take action.

Why waste public funds to setup those commissions!!

Ed said...

I seriously would like to suggest that they change the name of that building to "Palace of Injustice". Royal Commissions come, Royal Commissions go, and not much achieved. Maybe we need another Royal Commission to check on the progress/result of all previous Royal Commissions?