Friday, September 28, 2007

A walk well done

Lots of pictures of the Bar Council's Walk for Justice from Screenshots, Sun2Surf, Malaysia-Today and the Bar's website.

For me, these 2 pictures from Screenshots probably best tell the story of the socio-political condition in Malaysia right now.

On one side, are the people are on the streets, demanding that their voices be heard. Demanding that the institutions of democracy, good governance, religious freedom and rule of law be restored to their rightful places.

On the other side, are the politicians and bureaucrats sitting in their ultra-luxurious offices in ridiculously expensive complexes which irrelevance is only surpassed by the even more ridiculous amounts of public funds squandered by those who walk their halls.

And finally, the police and armed forces stand in the middle, blocking the way of the people, protecting the politicians. Do they not remember where their true allegiances lie? That they should be protecting the people from criminals, and not the other way around?

Also read Malaysiakini and Screenshots about how the Internal Ministry sent explicit 'instructions' to the mainstream media not to feature the Walk for Justice with any prominence.

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