Monday, September 17, 2007

UPM: Universiti Perompakan Malaysia (trans: M'sian Univ. of Robbery)

What do you call it when someone forcibly takes away your possessions and keeps it against your will?

If 'you' are a criminal and 'someone' means the police AND they have a court order... that's called appropriation of evidence.

But when 'you' are a student and 'someone' means the school jaga (ie. university 'security') and the only authority they have is a nightstick... that's called ROBBERY.

Everyone's putting in their 2cents about political conspiracies and campus elections. To a simple t-shirt and shorts kinda guy like me.., it's just robbery, pure and simple. And robbery's exactly what we've got in UPM or Universiti Perompakan Malaysia.

Firstly, a bit of background from screenshots:

According to documentary evidence made public, so had begun interference by university personnel, who tactically harassed student groups who are non pro-establishment

Friday night, 4 staff members of the student affairs department (HEP) in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Serdang, raided the room of Yee Yang Yang, a first-year student in Hostel 13 who is a member of a pro-student grouping.

He was interrogated from 11pm to 1am, and his laptop, handphone, MP4 player, 2 pendrives, leaflets and personal documents were confiscated.

Via Malaysiakini: According to Yee, the security guards were conducting a spot check on two rooms in his hostel with his room being one of them.

Yee was then subjected to a interrogation session where the security guards had allegedly demanded to know why he was involved in politics.

“I asked them: You (security guards) said earlier that you were looking for a stolen mobile phone, why are you asking me about politics?” said Yee when contacted.

The HEP staff, commanded by a UPM personnel identified as Jamali of the Unit Tugas Khas, left without giving any written acknowledgment of the items confiscated.

The following morning, other students went to the HEP office and demanded that the university's personnel give the raided student a written acknowledgment.
Here's the video and blurb on Malaysiakini:
This video depicts several Universiti Putra Malaysia students confronting university's security personnel for refusing to issue an inventory of possessions following confiscation of a student's belongings.

When UPM security 'special duties unit' supervisor Zamali Haji Samsi refused, the students formed a human shield to stop him from leaving in a chauffeured car.

The students called in the police but they did not intervene. A police report was subsequently lodged over the incident.

On Friday (Sept 14) campus security had allegedly broken into the room of a student related to the group depicted in the video, and confiscating the student's laptop computer, MP4 player, pendrive, mobile phone and some documents.

The student was also allegedly interrogated on his involvement in campus politics between Friday 11pm until 1am the following day.

Harassment of students is common during campus election seasons. Campus polls are expected to be announced soon.

In the beginning, there was Rukun Tetangga trying to out-police the police. Then there was RELA. The police then showed them who's boss by shooting a couple of unarmed civilians. Now it's campus renta-cops?!

So, you still wanna study at UPM?

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