Thursday, September 20, 2007

Are you a Phantom Voter? Find out here.

This is a website that allows you to check your status as a voter. All you need to do is enter your IC number.

Mine looks okay, but apparently th blogauthor of Rocky's Bru found out that he's a voter in Gopeng / Simpang Pulai (Parlimen / DUN) when he's never even registered as a voter. He's not even from nor ever resided in Perak.

So, since the website's just... like sitting there - take the 2 minutes and check if you're a PHANTOM VOTER like Rocky. Who knows? You might have voted BN for every election in the past without even knowing it!

Btw, you might wanna forgive the Election Commission for not being able to spell half their name correctly. The word 'Commission' is spelt as 'Comission'. EC's employing more 'glokal' graduates, I presume? Plus the fact that this webpage is for checking the 'Electoral' Roll, rather than the 'Electors' Roll.

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