Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Police refuse to accept UPM student's report of robbery by campus authorities

This follows my previous post on UPM: Universiti Perompakan Malaysia (trans: M'sian Univ. of Robbery)

In this Malaysiakini video, student Yee Yang Yang (damn... he must get loads of crap about his name) relates his story of what happened during "the robbery".

I reckon Yee's account basically re-confirms the high-handed thuggery and buffoonery that the public has come to expect from UPM's "authorities".

But did you catch the last few sentences of Yee's statement in the video... about his visit to the police station to make a report?

Kami pun bercadang pergi ke balai polis to melaporkan polis.

Masa ke balai polis, pihak polis pun cakap tadi pihak sekolah pun sudah ada call kami. Mereka janji akan bagi balik pada hari Isnin, iaitu hari ini. Jadi kami tidak dibenarkan untuk melaporkan polis.

- ad verbatim, Yee Yang Yang on Malaysiakini.

What?! TIDAK DIBENARKAN? Since when does the police have the right to refuse taking police reports? Isn't accepting and investigating police reports a basic and fundamental duty of the PDRM? The IGP needs to investigate and penalise (if necessary) the police personnel concerned... but I've got a bad feeling that we'll be watching cows come home instead.

Read here for more on the refusal of some police personnel to accept reports.


Rauff said...

Student oppression~!

Harcharan said...

The IGP must explain why his men refused to take the report.
Come to think of it a police report should be made against the cops for not allowing a citizen to make a report of `theft`.

Anonymous said...

u just cannot win in Malaysia - the stupid elements in the country cannot be removed becoz despite their stupidity, the only smart thing they know to do is draw boundary lines to election time - so oppostiion will never win. Damm - just leave the country for good.