Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Will you say 'Enough is Enough"!?

Earlier, we had the RM4.6 billion PKFZ bailout (ref PKFZ bailout: The CRONYNOMIC / EKORNOMIC rationale

We all went "Damn! How bad can this shit get?"

Evidently... much worse:

Premium govt purchases:

Ref to The Star here and here.

How come nobody asked who sold RM50 car jacks for RM5,000?

How come nobody's investigating if the govt official approving these purchases is connected with the seller? It's so basic, I don't have to bloody teach you, do I?

RM23.9 billion oil pipeline project awarded to company with NEGATIVE equity:

This article is from DAP's The Rocket newsletter. Pretty interesting read for 2 bucks.

Drug screening for commercial drivers:

Commercial vehicle drivers will be tested for drugs under a medical check-up scheme when they renew or apply for new licences.

The new scheme, which will come into effect on Oct 1, will also see them being checked for other problems like alcoholism, drug addiction and cardiovascular and mental illnesses.

The move by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) is expected to affect more than 500,000 public service vehicle (PSV) licence, goods driving licence (GDL) and conductor licence (KON) holders.

JPJ deputy director-general Solah Mat Hassan said the scheme, called eKesihatan, aims to ensure that only medically-fit drivers are behind the wheel of commercial

He said that under the scheme, the results would be electronically transmitted to JPJ via a government-appointed gateway provider, Supremme System Sdn Bhd, while payments and registration for the tests would have to be done at post offices before a driver proceeded to the appointed panel clinic.

Those applying or renewing their goods driving, passenger service vehicle and conductors licences have to pay RM80 for the test.

Previously they paid RM50 for new applications and RM10 for renewals.

Asked about the increase, Solah said the tests were more comprehensive...

“The new medical screening will also test for designer drug abuse by drivers and conductors,” he said. - Ref: The Star
Sounds good, but let's hear what The Sun has to say about this:

What makes this venture stink of another money-making scheme involving a chosen few, is that Supremme Systems will not conduct the tests. Instead, it will be carried out by a panel of doctors selected by the company, who will be paid less than half the proposed RM85 fee – RM30; with RM20 going for laboratory tests.

The remainder – about RM35 – will go to the company.

Many medical practitioners oppose the arrangement which they feel is nothing more than a rent-seeking exercise.

The doctors claim that they had, through Koperasi Doktor Malaysia Bhd, submitted a comprehensive proposal to the ministry last year with two scales of fees – much lower than Supremme Systems’.

They argue that it is the doctor who will have to carry out the tests and take responsibility for the certification and that there is no necessity for middlemen to be involved.

"They are getting paid for doing nothing. Any monitoring must be conducted by the RTD," said one doctor, adding that fees can be kept low if such middlemen were eliminated.

"It seems that the main agenda here is to make money and not to have more competent drivers on our roads,’’ said the doctor.
Now... is it not obvious by now why the govt was so against the inclusion of govt procurement in the recently collapsed FTA negotiations with the US?

Did you really think that it was to protect the welfare of local businesses, in terms of fair access to the govt procurement market?

Think about it. It was to ensure that there will be no external scrutiny by the US and other outside parties into this blatant, widespread smorgasbord of corruption that is our country's govt procurement sector. If they let US companies into this sector,... the whole gravy train grinds to a halt. And for all those crony companies supplying the govt, that's like slaying the goddamned golden goose with their own hand.

Okay... so this is nothing new and it certainly won't end here. But to tell you the truth, I don't know what else can be done. The evidence is overwhelming that the current administration is corrupt to the core of their testicles, and yet... Malaysians are no closer to doing the right thing and vote those bastards out.

How is that? How can decent citizens 'tahan' this fucking crap?

Or should I be asking if you voters ARE decent citizens? Indeed... should I be asking if some of you voters are even genuine citizens at all?

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