Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A dead little girl in a gym bag and the Police Force.

Has it come to this? The new pages were once filled with news of women being raped, but now it's children being tortured?
The victim is aged between 8 and 10, is 150cm tall, fair skinned, weighs 18kg, has curly short hair, a sharp nose and a birth mark on her left thigh.

The child's naked body was found stuffed in a foetal position inside a gym bag on Monday morning. The bag was left in front of a shoplot in PJS 1/48.

The card reads "Rest in peace with god. Malaysians will not let you die in vain."

Petaling Jaya police chief ACP Arjunaidi Mohamed said a post-mortem conducted by the Kuala Lumpur Hospital showed that the girl died of an infection. Her intestines had ruptured after foreign objects were forced into her private parts. There was no trace of semen.

Arjunaidi said bruises on her body suggested that she was tortured before she died.
-NST did a very emotional piece today on this. Read also Malaysiakini and The Star.

I sincerely hope they catch the monster that did this. But alas, I fear we might have to... [ie. let her die in vain].

What is the PDRM doing about this? Why do cases need to be sensational and shocking before the police do their job like they are supposed to?

Were we not promised better public safety, faster investigations and higher criminal convictions after the recent spate of violent robberies and rapes?

What can we hope for from a police force that has only 7% of it's personnel actually investigating and fighting criminals? (source: DAP's The Rocket newsletter).

May we ask what the 33% actually do when they are classified under administrative staff? Collecting fines and processing salary increases?

And is our country so ridden with internal subterfuge and public disorder that you need to have 39% of the force doing Internal Security (33%) and Special Branch (6%)? Do we need 39% of the police force fully engaged in the govt's fight against bloggers, youtube rappers and alleged flag burners?

Maybe we do... a case in point is where the Johor police dept sent 100 officers to control merely 200 peaceful protestors just because they were protesting in front of the Menteri Besar's house. (Read To Protect & Serve... Who?).

How many more need to stabbed, robbed, raped and tortured before our boys in blue realise that there is something very wrong with a police force that allocates only 7% of their effort to protect the people against crime, but allocates 33% to paperwork and 39% to protecting politicians from the people?

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michelleho said...

DNA has confirmed the little girl as Nurin Jazlin, the missing 9 year old from Wangsa Maju.

Bless her little soul...