Sunday, December 10, 2006

Life in the Slow Lane - of Road Hogging and Part Time Traffic Enforcers

A good one from the irreverant Jeremy Clarkson, on the topic of why slow drivers road-hog. Some of his observations on slow drivers are rather insightful.

This comment...

"[Slow drivers] Like bell ringers, they wish to impose their beliefs and their way of life [in the slow lane] on everyone else"

- just about sums up why slow drivers always road hog and best of all, feel they are doing the whole world a favour by forcing everyone else to drive slowly behind them as well.

To all road-hogs and self appointed enforcers of the perceived speed limit (I say perceived because how do they know that their speedometers are correctly calibrated in the first place)... there's a ditch, drain or ravine somewhere with your name on it, and I hope you find out which one real soon.

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