Sunday, May 16, 2010

Muslims protest gambling. Non-Muslims protest polygamy.

Shouldn't the abolition of the immoral and family-breaking practice of gambling be matched by the abolition of the equally immoral and home-breaking practice of polygamy?

Malaysia Islamists protest gambling, rapper Pitbull
Written by Razak Ahmad
Friday, 14 May 2010 17:59

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian police broke up a protest by Islamists on Friday, May 14 against US rapper Pitbull's concert and the government award of a sports betting licence, underscoring a deepening tide of Islam in the country.

About 300 Malay Muslims representing several groups led by the opposition Pan Malaysian Islamic Party (PAS) gathered in the compound of a mosque in the capital's Malay enclave after Friday prayers to denounce gambling and pop concerts.

The government recently approved a sports betting licence to a company set to be majority controlled by property-to-gaming group Berjaya Corp Bhd.

Pitbull is scheduled to perform at a dance music festival in the country on Saturday.

The concert and gambling licence are unrelated, but a PAS official said the protest was part of an ongoing awareness campaign against "immorality" in the country.

"We must act before gambling floods our country," PAS official Kamaruzaman Mohamad told the crowd. "Gambling is a cancer in our society."

Malaysia forbids its majority Muslims from gambling but allows licensed numbers forecast operations and a casino operated by Genting Group.

Condemning the US rapper whose recent hits include "I Know You Want Me," Kamaruzaman said Pitbull was not welcome.

"It's bad enough that he is named after a dog, but if you watch his video clip on Youtube, his performance and lyrics are against Malaysian cultural norms," said Kamaruzaman.

Demonstrators carried placards with the words "Malaysia is not a gambling nation", and chanted, "God is Greatest". Police moved in to disperse the crowd but made no arrests.

The protests highlight the occasional clash between modern and conservative Islam in this mainly Muslim but multi-ethnic Southeast Asian country.

PAS is part of a group led by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim which made record gains in the 2008 national elections.

It competes with Prime Minster Najib Razak's Umno for the critical Malay vote. Malays form 55% of the country's 28 million population.

Both parties often tout their Islamic credentials and the deepening conservatism saw ethno-religious tensions rise due to a row over the use of the word "Allah" by Christians to describe God. — Reuters


Anonymous said...

If muslims kill Sweden artists, is it self defense to kill muslims?
Watch and read mohammed T-shirt art from Sweden at,

Ricky said...

Its funny that they don't protest to suicide bombings, honour killings etc. I suppose these things are in-line with our Malaysian culture. These fuckwits do not know that once they embrace this fucked up religion, they go literally brain dead. I think the world has bent their back far enough for the extremists of this religion. We need to stand up and say ' No more!!". I think a lot of us had enough of them imposing their ideals on us and how we should be sensitive and understading of their ways but not vice-versa.

Nazrin Zakaria said...

Nampak sangat orang yg buat artikel dalam blog ni terlalu jahil pasal islam . Yang baik nampak buruk, yang buruk nampak baik .Orang bukan islam sepatutnya tak perlu masuk campur hal-ehwal orang islam . Orang yg jahil,yang tidak tahu pasal hukum islam mengenai poligami khususnya, tak perlu buat kenyataan yg menyakitkan hati orang islam .

Anonymous said...

Nazrin Zakaria

Looks like you grasped half the point of the blog post.

You are right. Non-Muslims should not interfere in the rights of Muslims to be polygamous. You are absolutely right.