Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Official Secrets Act (OSA) - THE PERFECT SCAM!

Here's a particularly good editorial from the Sun regarding the Official Secrets Act OSA. Besides the fact that it's free, their straight shooting editorials are another reason why you should read the Sun (and relegate the NST to lining chicken coops).

Excerpt: The Sun editorial 06/2/2007

How could the country's security be threatened by merely disclosing the terms of an agreement between the toll-road operator and the government?

In fact such a disclosure would help to answer the question of whether the government has been too generous in favour of toll-road operators when the agreements were signed. It will be in the public interest that such documents were made public.
Why is the cabinet being so secretive about the toll agreements for? In other words, what is there to hide? Is there anything to hide?
Excerpt: The Sun editorial 06/2/2007

But the OSA of 1972, amended to give it draconian powers in 1987, not only forces a mandatory jail sentence of at least a year on offenders but basically leaves the definition of an official secret purely in the hands of the government and its officers.

t is time we got rid of this act which does hardly anything to protect the official secrets which may endanger the security of the country. Instead it gives much leeway for government officials at all levels to hide their inefficiency and corruption, making a mockery of the declared aim of making ours an open society.
Exactly! How can there be no check and balance?

How can the person (ie. the govt) who makes the decision about something, also be the same person who declares that decision to be an Official Secret?

That's like being both the judge and defendant at the same time. You can dismiss any actions and accusations against yourself. IT'S THE PERFECT SCAM!

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