Sunday, February 25, 2007

Malaysian Youth Council talking rubbish about AirAsia

Someone's got a stick up his arse about Air Asia's stewardess' uniforms.

AirAsia must project our identity, says group

IPOH: Low budget airline AirAsia must project the country’s culture so that foreigners can recognise it easily as a Malaysian concern, Malaysian Youth Council president Shamsul Anuar Nasarah said.

”We are happy that AirAsia is able to provide cheap air tickets to travellers but its management must ensure that the airline projects the country’s identity and culture,” he told reporters after the council’s supreme committee meeting here yesterday.
Do you mean our identity and culture as a modern, progressive, multi-ethnic country, or as a fundamentalist religious Taliban society basing their doctrine on the behaviour of Arabs and their camels 1,000 years ago, to the exclusion of everyone else living in this country?

What exactly is this identity and culture you're babbling about? If you have something constructive to say, at least be clear and precise about it... instead of hiding behind "neutral" sounding motherhood statements.
Shamsul said the council would be sending an official letter to voice its opinion following numerous complaints on the matter.
Numerous complaints? From whom? And exactly how many complaints?
For example, he said, the uniform of air stewardess did not project a Malaysian image. “The current uniform is not appropriate with our culture.
And here we go. Here comes the Talibanisation crunch. Perhaps a potato sack and a veil would better project a Malaysian image?
“We want an image that portrays a Malaysian identity and culture,” he said, adding that he hoped AirAsia’s management would consider the council’s views.
I hope Tony throws your official letter into the toilet after he takes his morning crap, because that's exactly where your views belong.

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