Thursday, November 01, 2007

No polls soon becos of rainy weather

A DAP member puts forward his 2 cents why Pak Lah won't call an election anytime soon.

Well,.. let me put it this way. If DAP could predict the strategy of BN with such calculated certainty, they'd be the govt and BN would be the opposition.

I'm posting this not because I necessarily subscribe to the writer's theories about the weather and trickle down cronynomics being the main determinants of the election date, but because this article will never see the light of day in Malaysia's BN controlled media.


KPTMAS said...

got this from someone - not sure how true it is, i am sure there is some other cost not factored in, anyone knows? I just update the price-per-barrel and recalculate only …

Price petrol per barrel worldwide = USD55.64

Processing fees per barrel = USD10.00


(Exchange rate: USD1.00 = RM3.60)

Means: USD65.64 x RM3.700 = RM242.86 per barrel (in total)

Note: 1 barrel = 200 Liters…

So it is … RM242.86 / 200 Litres = RM1.2143 (per Liter)

per litre is only RM1.2143 and not RM1.92 …

No such thing as gov subsidy.. USD55.64 for petrol and the possessing fees
is fixed worldwide…

sean-the-man said...

Crude is now over USD94 per barrel. That info is a little outdated, no?