Friday, November 02, 2007

Women in sexy outfits emotionally abusing religious men

Malaysia's Muslim men are suffering sleepness nights because their thoughts are distracted by a growing number of women who wear sexy clothes in public - PAS spiritual leader.
PAS has to stop making dumb statements like this if they ever want to be taken seriously as an alternative govt, especially by the non-Muslims.

If he went on to blame the men for not having the willpower and spiritual fortitude to control their evil thoughts and sinful desires, it'd be perfectly okay. It could even be considered an enlightened viewpoint. But nope... he has to go and blame the women for enticing and provoking men.

Tell me... if you had a horny dog that won't stop humping your leg,.. is the root cause because the dog's horny and needs to be castrated... or is it because your leg's just too damn sexy?

And even if you cut off your leg so that it doesn't 'entice and provoke' your dog's horny instincts... isn't the mutt still a bad, horny dog at the end of the day?

Pak Haji... what's the use of religion, faith and piety if those who are supposedly religious, faithful and pious need to live in a sterile world where all temptation (real and perceived) is removed from their presence, so that their religion, faith and piety is never tested?

When your faith in god is weakened by temptation, do you blame your lack of faith or the presence of temptation?

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Sexy Girl said...

A sexy woman can abuse me when ever she wants... but I not religious..damn! So closed, yet so far.