Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Police degenerate into religious body snatchers

This is amazing. The police act swiftly to disrupt a funeral based on a one-sided complaint. I'm not sure, but I always thought that the police have to investigate first before taking action. Not take action first, then investigate.

If this is indeed the police's modus operandi, why didn't they take Subashini's children into custody first, in order to let the courts investigate and decide if their convert father is allowed to unilaterally convert them?

Why the double standards? Is it because the former adds 1 to the ranks of Muslims, while the latter risks taking 1 away?

Court defers hearing on man’s religious status

SEREMBAN: The Syariah Court here yesterday deferred the hearing to determine the religious status of a 74-year-old dead man to allow his family to appoint a syariah counsel.

Registrar Abdul Razak Mat Nayan told the dead man’s children that they would also have to submit the names of those who would testify during the hearing as part of the court process.

On Sunday, police removed the remains of Gan Eng Gor from a Chinese funeral parlour near here after his eldest son claimed that Eng Gor was a Muslim.

Abdul Rahman Gan Abdullah, 47, who had embraced Islam several years ago, lodged a police report claiming that his father converted to Islam on July 3 last year and had taken the name Amir Gan Abdullah.

However, Eng Gor’s widow, Chua Chun, 65, who had been looking after her bedridden husband over the past two years and the couple’s seven other children, denied this.
This reminds me the recent HK movie, 'Brothers'. I like the part where the eldest son (Miu Kiu Wai) of a deceased gangster kingpin says to the police raid party (led by Andy Lau) at his father's funeral...

"Whoever disrupts my father's funeral... I will slaughter his whole family!"

How I wish Gan Eng Gor's widow and 7 other children were gangsters.

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