Saturday, January 05, 2008

Return of the Body Snatching Bastards

1. Woman converts on 24th Dec.

2. She dies 6 days later on 30th Dec.

3. MAIWP informs Christian husband of her supposed conversion on 31st Dec.

As if a conversion with a ridiculous timeline like that is not unbelievable enough, Bernama reports that she converted to Islam "at a house at the Sri Melaka Flats, Cheras."

A HOUSE in Sri Melaka Flats, Cheras?!

Christians are baptised in front of the entire congregations at churches. Buddhists, Sikhs and Hindus undergo various rites of passage and worship at temples with family and friends. And these are the easy-going religions.

So, you mean to tell me that the Islamic authorities of Malaysia - with its penchant for imposing stringent legally enforceable regulations and demanding the one way ticket entry concept to Islam - finds absolutely nothing wrong with an ad hoc conversion in some ubiquitous house in Cheras? Wouldn't a mosque or religious dept office with impartial witnesses, friends and family present, be a better setting? And since the conversion was only 6 days before her death, how can we be sure that there was no undue duress & influence or if she was even of sound mind at that time?

Futhermore, doesn't the very fact that she was married and that the non-Muslim husband was no-where present at her conversion - ring some alarm bells in the heads of the religious officers? Or were their serbans and skull caps on a bit too tight, restricting blood flow to their brains? Why was there no effort made to contact the husband until AFTER the conversion and AFTER her death?

Like I said countless times before. The way conversions to Islam are conducted and subsequently 'enforced' in this country is the root cause of much of the inter-religious conflict we now face. And the overzealous, arrogant and inhumane religious officers - ever ready to underline the 'dominance' and 'maruah' of the national religion - are a great part of that conflict.

On a temporarily brighter note... the court today granted a temporary injunction to Mr Ngiam to prevent the MAIWP from stealing his wife's remains. Ref to Malaysiakini and Bernama.


fairplay said...

Which sane person would convert to Islam?

Also the authorities have resorted to graping dead people because of lack of the living wanting to convert. What a sick nation !!

DIASPORA said...

If you are born a Muslim - then you can say that it is the Will of Providence.

However if you are asked to convert your religion when you are sane and sound - then you must really be in Tampoi quickly to have your head examined for 'conversion virus'.

Certain religions prohibit you from reading or knowing or being in possession of anything related to any other religions. Hence this prohibited nitwit becomes a veritable nuisance to everyone on earth and hopes and hopes and hopes for the final opportunity to spend eternity with vestal virgins - some say more than 70 and others say that even young cute boys are included too.

Come on. All of you. Blow up yourself at some market place or street corner and get an immediate Passport to eternity and the Virgins.